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Gum Dentist Alexandria Va

Gum diseases are among the most common types of oral conditions, affecting both the bone and the tissues, causing inflammation that can weaken your teeth, lead to bad breath and ultimately cause teeth loss. They usually manifest themselves in two stages, a milder first stage known as gingivitis, which if remains untreated and a poor oral hygiene is persistently maintained, as well as the avoidance of consulting a dentist Alexandria VA, gum diseases can progress to the advanced stage of periodontitis, causing severe damage to your tissue.

As clichéd as it may seem, the most efficient gum disease treatment is its prevention. As a cosmetic dentist Leesburg will inform you, the usual causes for the emergence of these diseases is a person's negligence, particularly dangerous as age progresses, of a proper oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. It necessary to brush at least twice a day and at least for two minutes, using an efficient teeth brushing technique, as well as to floss regularly in order to get rid of any deposits that inevitably accumulate in the course of time. Special cleanings provided by a dentist Alexandria VA are recommended twice a year, since the dentist can use specialized equipment for removing any plaque accumulations. However, if signs of bleeding gums, pain during food chewing, bad breath or of gums beginning to shrink, you should immediately address a dentist.

An understanding of the two major types of gum diseases, or better put, their two stages, it's necessary for anyone confronting with them or wishing to prevent them. First of all, the mild stage of gingivitis can appear early in life, at teenagers who show manifestations of red and swollen gums. If oral hygiene isn't immediately instilled, these teenagers face the prospect of more serious periodontal diseases later in life. Periodontitis, the aggravated stage of gum diseases, has itself different stages. Chronic periodontitis is visible through tissue swelling, gum attachments and has as a final consequence bone loss, gum recession and pocket formation. Aggressive periodontitis affects healthy individuals and including rapid bone destruction and receding gums. The necrotizing periodontal disease manifests itself through necrosis of the alveolar bone and the periodontal ligament, emerging especially in malnutrition or HIV victims.

Although the causes for gum diseases may reach even further from the condition of the teeth, being influenced by other diseases such as diabetes, heart or respiratory diseases, a cosmetic dentist Leesburg can prescribe you the most efficient gum treatment method, according to the stage of the disease. As part of his duty to find the most non-invasive solution, he can either perform scaling and root planning that will remove the plague from the periodontal pocket or prescribe antibiotics for preventing gum inflammation. In more severe cases, surgical intervention may be required. Four surgical procedures are commonly used for treating gums diseases:  periodontal pocket reduction, gum grafting, dental crown lengthening, and regenerative procedures. Lately, laser technology is beginning to be used in gum treatments as well, offering considerable advantages, reducing bleeding and the risk of infection.

A cosmetic dentist Leesburg will probably stress to exasperation the importance of before and after care. Regardless of whether you are faced as a teenager with the early stage of gum diseases or as an elder you have progressed to an advanced  state, a good oral hygiene discipline must be instilled at least after you've undergone a dental treatment for healing the problems that your negligence may have caused to your teeth's health.

Are you searching for a gum treatment? A dentist Alexandria VA can guide you through all the available options. You will be put at ease knowing that a highly skilled cosmetic dentist Leesburg will take care of your gums.