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What Effect The Sweet Potatoes Have In Our Daily Diet

Do you know? The sweet potato we are familiar with is as the champion vegetable among 13 kinds of the best vegetables by the World Health Organization (WHO).
What peculiar this little sweet potato has, allowing it to become a "champion dish"? According to experts introduced, the sweet potato is not only nutritionally balanced, but also has a little-known effect in preventing sub-health, losing weight, fitness and anticancer.
Sweet potatoes are a kind of healthy food. Sweet potato contains dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin A. B. C, E, and potassium, iron, copper, selenium, calcium the more than 10 kinds of trace elements, it high nutritional value, nutritionists called it the most balanced health food. Many girls feel the sweet potato is very sweet, so they are afraid to eat more and become fat. Experts said, eat sweet potatoes not only will not get fat, instead will lose weight, fitness, prevent sub-health, and discharge poison. It contains only 0.2grams of fat per 100 grams of fresh sweet potatoes, produces 99 kcal heat that is 1/3 of the rice, it is low-fat and low heat food, at the same time effectively prevents carbohydrates into fat, is conducive to weight loss and fitness. Sweet potato contains large amounts of dietary fiber that cannot be digested and absorbed in the intestine, will stimulate the intestinal, enhance the creep dynamic, and discharge poison, especially for the elderly constipation has a good effect in constipation.
Experts emphasized that the sweet potato is a basic food, the same with a lot of fruits and green vegetables, this is the most specially. General food is acidic, such as grain, poultry and meat, and the body's PH value is 7.34, eat sweet potato is conducive to the body's acid-base balance. Eating sweet potatoes also can reduce blood cholesterol to prevent sub-health and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, and other "modern diseases".
Experts introduced, the sweet potato is not only nutritious, but also is the first anti-cancer food. Japan's National Cancer InstituteCenter released 20 kinds of anti-cancer vegetables "list": sweet potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, celery, bell pepper, carrots, golden cauliflower, amaranth,
shepherd's purse, kohlrabi, leaf mustard, tomatoes, green onions, garlic, cucumber, cabbage, among them sweet potatoes are the first. Japanese doctors found that through surveying of 260000 people diets, tumor suppressor rate of cooked sweet potato is higher than raw sweet potato.
Sweet potato anticancer mechanism is not yet clear now, because there are many kinds of argument. Some reported, the United States Hospital of Philadelphia extracted a kind of active substance from the sweet potato - emasculation ketone, which can effectively inhibit the incidence of colon cancer and breast cancer. An American University study found that in sweet potatoes a kind of matter called DHEA having the effect on the prevention and treatment of cancer. The experts said that the sweet potato has certain anti-cancer effect, but the sweet potato anticancer "effect" cannot be overstated, because its mechanism is not yet fully clear, the maximum efficacy of the sweet potatoes should also be placed on weight loss, body building, preventing sub-health, and other aspects.
We also need to pay attention to properly eat sweet potato, first, notice that it must be steamed. Because the membrane in the starch of sweet potato without heat damage that is difficult to digest. Furthermore, the gasification enzyme in the sweet potato without heat damage will make people discomfort after eating. Second, note that we don't eat sweet potato excessive or unreasonable, or can cause bloating, heartburn, pantothenic acid, stomach pains and other. So eating it should not be excessive.
The inadequacies of the sweet potato is a lack of proteins and lipids, but today people's life is affluent, no longer take the sweet potato as a staple food, the nutrients it lacks can be supplied by other diet, for example, eat milk and sweet potatoes at the same time, because the milk is rich in protein and fat ingredients.
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