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What 15 Life Coup Makes You Become Life Expert

How to do, if the scissors are not sharp at home?
If the scissors are blunt, use it to snip pop can, the more time you snip the cans, the more sharply the scissors, like milled.
How to clean the dirty bottle with fine mouth?
Make the egg shell into fragments, put into the jar,and add into hot water. Shake with big force, and then can be washed clean.
Can banana be put in the refrigerator?
Put the cooked bananas in the refrigerator storage, make banana fresh in a long time, even skin discoloration, inside is fresh as ever.
How to wash grapes easily?
Prepare a basin, pour a small amount of starch in it. Then pour in the water, as long as it can be over the grapes. Then put the grapes into the water back and forth to rinse, and then rinse with water. If you wash grapes like that, the grape can't be fallen down, and be washed clean.
What to do if have oil clothes?
Before washing, be sure to keep the clothes be dry, then drop the detergent in place of oil, then rub the place, you can wash clean.
Drenched in water, how to recover books and magazines?
The method is simple: As long as little dry water on the pages, then put into the fridge to freezer, after a dozen hours, it will be like the original book and has no wrinkle mark.
How to do if the tie is too wrinkled?
Wrinkled tie without ironing can become both flat and pretty, as long as roll up tie on the beer bottle, then in the next day, the original wrinkles are eliminated.
How to do if have a stuffy nose when have colds?
If nose is ventilation, you can use the steam to smoke with water cup or bottle, after two minutes the nose is unobstructed.
What magical effect of the used tea bags?
When drink tea, one time bubbles two bags of tea, after drinking, one eye applies a tea bag for 20 minutes, which can eliminate pouch and dark eyes. It is very effective for people who have large pouch. The best time to do is after getting up.
How to wear old shoelace easily?
The old shoelaces become loose, is hard to wear. At this time, we can just cut a piece of tinfoil about1cm wide, tightly wrap several circle on the head of shoelaces. You can then easily lace. Foil of chocolate and other snacks can be waste utilization.
How to do if oral ulcers?
When have oral ulcers, keep liquor in the mouth, if numb and have no feel, spit it out. (Alcoholism big swallow too). Do it every day several times, insist on a few days, you will be well.
How to sun-cure thick blankets is the most time-saving?
Sun-cure blankets along the diagonal on the clothesline, the dry time can be greatly shortened.
How to remove the hair on the clothes and bed sheets easily?
In one end of the roller of fresh membrane rollers (i.e., paper tube) tightly wraps the two most common rubber bands, and then hold the other end of the paper tube, using the frictional force of the rubber, to bind the hair and other debris around the rubber.
How to quickly cure the itch after bit by mosquitos?
If bit by mosquito bites, you can use the thermos lid (from the 9o degree of thermos) to be friction affected part 2-3 seconds, then pick up, continue to do 2-3 times, itching will disappear.
How to do if have foreign objects in the eyes?
When have sand or other foreign objects into the eyes, immediately spit, spit more, and then stop blinking, the way is very useful.
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