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Preparations For A Biscuit Recipe Without Shortening

The need to cut down on solid fat has led people to substitute shortening with fat when preparing biscuits. You can prepare delicious and fluffy biscuits using this biscuit recipe without shortening. It is possible to reduce the fat content and still make the biscuits tasty. You can even customize the biscuit recipe to your tastes. The recipe is made using easy to find ingredients and only takes a few minutes to prepare. This means that your kids can prepare the biscuits without your help or any adult supervision. Preparations for the biscuit recipe without shortening are listed here.


2 cups of self-rising flour
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of salt
1/3 cup of oil
2/3 cups of milk
Melted butter


The biscuit recipe requires you to pre-heat the oven up to about 475 degrees. This will enable the biscuits to cook well when placed on the oven. You should also mix all the dry ingredients together on a bowl. These include the flour, sugar, and salt. If you are not using self-rising flour for the biscuit recipe, you can add 3 tablespoons of baking powder into the mixture. You can use a stand mixture with a spiral hook to mix the ingredients together. The biscuit recipe no shortening requires that you mix the ingredients for about one and a half minutes in order to ensure that it is done thoroughly.

You should then place the oil on a bowl and then add the milk. The biscuit recipe without shortening at this moment does not require mixing the liquids together. You should then add the liquid onto the dry ingredients. Following the biscuit recipe requires that you add the liquid as you stir the mixture. This should be done thoroughly until the ingredients have completely mixed with the liquid. You can add some flour if the mixture becomes too sticky. The biscuit recipe also requires addition of some more liquid if the mixture becomes too solid.

The biscuit and gravy recipe then needs a bit of sprinkling of flour on the surface. You should then place the mixture on the board and sprinkle some more flour at the top. You should then knead the mixture for some time. The biscuit recipe then needs you to use a spatula to create a ball. After this, you should then roll the dough into a thickness of about half  an inch. You can then use a cutter to make small circles or squares on the biscuit recipe no shortening.


The last process on the biscuit recipe involves baking the biscuits on an oven. This should be done when the oven is pre heated in order to prevent the biscuits from breaking. A pre-heated oven also ensures that the biscuits bake evenly in all sides. Placing the biscuits apart on the oven will create crispy biscuits. However, if you place them together, you will get soft biscuits. The biscuit gravy recipe requires a 10 to 12 minute baking until the biscuits are golden brown in color. Just before finishing the biscuit recipe, you can brush the biscuits with butter.


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