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How To Make Smarter Food Choices Of 3 Ways

1. You reach for multigrain breads or cereals.
Products marked with seven grains or multigraph may seem more healthy choices, especially the new

results show that a diet rich in whole grains protects against heart disease, cancer and other

diseases. Unfortunately, many foods, making it appear that the rich whole grains. "Look at the

label and you can find, not a whole grain in them," says Cynthia Harriman, director of food and

nutrition strategies for all the Grains Council, nonprofit consumer group in Boston.

Smarter Move: Learn the lingo of food claims. Bread that's 100 percent whole grain means just

that— it contains no refined flour. Cereal that's made with whole grain may have a little or a

lot. To be sure you're getting the grains you want, check the ingredients panel. Whole grains

should be the first or second ingredient listed.

2. You buy bottled water with added vitamins.
Many bloated with unnecessary calories. On the label of the leading brands, for example, reports

that provides half the daily requirement of nutrients. But for that amount, you have to drink the

whole bottle, which contains 125 calories. And you only get six nutrients. Over 40 keys provided

by most supplements.

Smarter Move: Drink plain, refreshing, calorie-free water when you're thirsty—and take a

multivitamin daily to make sure you get balanced levels of the essential vitamins and minerals.

3. You choose snacks that are "made with real fruit."
Since the legislation does not require the label to indicate the number of fruits in a product,

manufacturers can boost food packaging made with "real fruit" if it contains only a small amount

of fruit juice. "Concentrated white grape juice or pear juice may seem healthy, but what it

really means, fruit and sugar water," said Gail Rampersaud, RD, Food Science and Human Nutrition

at the University of Florida.

Smarter Move: Treat these snacks as candy, which is what they really are, and eat them sparingly.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with real fruit instead.
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