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Learn Idx For Real Estate Basic Information

IDX for real estate search allows users to carry out searches of MLS (multiple listing services) on real estate properties in their local area. Although MLS members are required to pay a certain fee in order access information on approved real estate properties found in a certain area, they can enjoy all  local listings. This means that users can get free access to detailed information on properties they're looking at even before they decide to contact realtors. IDX, also called broker reciprocity, stands for the Internet Data Exchange. IDX simply is the standard or law governing different members on how to display MLS listingson their own website. The means through which data is extracted from MLS to members’ websites for public use is what is called IDX integration.


How do you qualify for an MLS membership? The membership solely relies on the rules established at your local board together with regulations set by MLS. The rules differ from one board to another because they operate independently. All brokers or members should participate in IDX but for agents or subscribers, they may not be able to participate. However, when agents have permissions from their brokers, they can freely display the data on their websites. IDX for real estate property has some rules that should be strictly followed by participants. In order to understand better about IDX Integration, you need to understand who are subscribers, agents, or participants.

A participant is simply a broker who has to participate in IDX for real estate. For brokers to get broker reciprocity, they have to add an IDX to their websites in order to track leads like any other competitor. If it is difficult to get the IDX, some website can do it for you. They facilitate IDX integration on behalf of their members. Subscribers are real estate agents.


There are two major website options; custom and template. Focusing on template side; they are easier to be set up and initial costs required are minimal. Although template is simple and easier to set up, there are thousands of templates similar to yours. Customization of template is greatly reduced and users must pay for this. For the side of custom, website owners access many features and alternatives. It allows maximum website designing meeting users’ needs. It is a right method of getting IDX for real estate. Although IDX integration can be achieved cheaply in templates, templates do not portray professionalism and rich experience.


IDX integration requires stable and long living websites developed by experts. As much as it is cheap to build website yourself, leave the activity to experienced web developers. Additionally, for better performance, data should be updated after 24 hrs or at least twice a week. IDX is necessary for your listing as it maximizes your sales. Take an example where your listings are displayed in more than 20 sites, it implies many visitors can access the listings, therefore maximizing chances of selling. On the other hand, when your site displays other people’s listings, many people will visits your site for more information. Website owners should maximize these services.


Real estate website owners should learn more on IDX for Real Estate and how to get broker reciprocity. Again, knowledge gain on IDX Integration is important when using MLS.