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The biggest worry of a parent, after his or her child is born, is his education. They start making a list of good schools, colleges then viable career options. Once the child passes 12th class, this worry gets transferred to his or her mind. With the growing world, there are various options and opportunities for students to grab; it is up to them to go for the best job according to their calibre and potential. For such a major decision, career guidance is very important. Advice related to the jobs they should look for, tips on interview sessions and much more.

There are many institutes and places where career guidance is available. Many test which test your intelligence quotient and your ability and skills, helping you to decide which field is apt for you .There are many different fields with different requirements. Students having a potential and interest in business can do their MBA and get into the corporate world , then there are engineers , doctors , lawyers, professors, scientists etc. such professions are viable for those who are keen to study more and have the dedication to work hard. There is also room for the creative buds, like getting into mass media is one such option. One can experiment with his or her skills here and also be innovative. Once you decide your area of interest and know your potential you can choose from the long list of opportunities available. But one vital advice is not to choose in a hurry or makes a forceful decision, because the field you choose will stay with you for your life.

Once this task is done you should be prepared for your interviews. There are some basic tips, on how to make your first impression the best one:

* The key for a successful interview is to be CONFIDENT. but nor over -confident
* Be well prepared
* The first thing they notice when you enter is your personality ,so dress smartly don't be shabby
* Think of the interview as a conversation not introspection that tends to make one less nervous
* Ask a few questions that will show your interest
* Don't talk negative things about your former employer company , if you had any
* Maintain eye contact
* Answer politely
* When you are leaving shake hands and leave