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How Can Schools Make Play Time Even Better?

By adding playground shelters to your school playground or courtyard, you can create diverse play areas and keep school children dry whilst they wait in line for lunch or to go back to their classroom.

Quality playground canopies can be designed specifically to your need during an initial assessment, the end result is a diverse space, which becomes a walkway, waiting area or even an outdoor teaching area. Benches can also be added and special material can be used to build the playground shelter, which protects children and adults against harmful UV rays.

Such a diverse space presents a range of opportunities including:

Indoor playground

Turn part of your outdoor playground into an indoor playground, rain proof, and generally weather proof, offering year round play time. Keep kids happier and teachers less stressed as we all know what kids are like when they are kept indoors. High quality school canopies mean there aren't any damage from sports equipment and lead to long lasting playground fun, potentially for several generations of kids, making for a great, long term return on investment.

Outdoor PE area

Sport and personal exercise is crucial to the education system, many children don't have the opportunities out of school to take part in sports. A canopy allows for games, which are great as part of PE and also great for team building. Many primary schools don't have indoor gyms, apart from what is traditionally known as the 'school hall', where assemblies and indoor playtimes generally take place. By taking both outdoor playtime and sports studies outside, children get to take in the advantage of exercise and fresh air. This may lead to calmer children for the remainder of the day. Canopies are perfect for games, including sport games, as well as giving school children some more freedom.

Waiting area

Keeping parents, teachers and pupils dry all year round; your canopy protects and keeps everyone dry. Parents wonít get wet whilst waiting for their children at home-time, and children, staff and parents alike wonít risk falling over in icy or snowy conditions.

Outdoor teaching area
Take the class outdoors, gather round and take in some fresh air. It's perfect for both teachers and pupils. Parents will also be thrilled to see outdoor learning taking place, instead of their children staring at whiteboards or computer screens all day. Itís time to once again take the classroom outside, to enhance engagement, learning and productivity of school work.

These are merely ideas; the possibilities and benefits are truly endless. Canopies are long lasting, affordable and multi-functional. By adding such an addition your educational surroundings will be enhanced for all to benefit. Itís really fantastic how such a simple addition, can provide such great benefits.