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Where To Buy Lto Ultrium Tape Media Like Hp C7974a

There is an abundance of DataMedia products on the market these days and these devices are produced by a wide range of manufacturers from all across the globe. We should start by saying that numerous companies, businesses and governments belonging to a variety of countries use this type of product for a million of different reasons. When deciding on the manufacturer or distributor you should purchase the HP C7974A media tape device from, you should take into consideration price, location, availability or current stock. This decision also comes down to other factors such as the price for the particular product you are interested in and the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process!

Recently there have been various discussions about the fact that tape media is outdated and that network attached storage provides more advantages. The truth is that Tape Drive and DataMedia products still offer lowest cost per GB and superior reliability. Most organizations have a tape backup because itís reliable and cost effective. Once you have decided that you want to invest in a tape drive, itís not very difficult to see that there is only one format thatís currently offered by several vendors and has a solid future roadmap Ė LTO Ultrium.

Out of 5 generations of LTO Ultrium Media , the LTO-4 ( like HP C7974A 1.6TB ) and LTO-5 ( HP C7975A 3.0 TB) are the most popular ones and they offer you lowest cost per GB. LTO Ultrium tapes like HP C7974A offer customers not only a very high capacity, but they also allow for data compression and data encryption. As far as larger companies, government institutions and educational facilities are concerned, labeling these devices with a bar code will make them easier to store and much easier to find in the future as these bar codes can be sorted into categories or groups of relevant information and stored in one convenient location or carrying case. Most of the autoloaders and libraries today are equipped with bar code readers that allow for easy automation provided the tapes are bar coded!

For individuals who are interested in long term data retention, the LTO tape media is the ideal solution. Take HP C7974A for example that gives you 1.6TB on a single tape. You take backup on this tape and send it to remote location, knowing that your data is safe. It comes as no surprise that more and more companies turn their attention towards DataMedia products of superior quality for their long term data retention.

Regarding the availability of HP C7974A, we should mention that this is not a mainstream product like inks, toners or hardware items. Therefore, not every company and distributor is able to provide DataMedia products, which makes them difficult piece to acquire if the concerned customer does not know where to look.† The internet is one of the most resourceful tools for making the connection that will provide the client with a long list of places where he can find DataMedia products and LTO tape media!

Would you like to purchase HP C7974A for your company? We do our best to provide the finest DataMedia products that are available at competitive prices! We take pride in our excellent customer service and our huge variety of products!