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Jiji Self Service Password Reset

JiJi Technologies, the  global leaders  who  are already in the vanguard  in systems and security  solutions  for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment  is proud to announce   the launching of one more product  in their product  range for commercial availability namely Self Service Password Reset Tool.




Self Service Password Reset is a proactive web based AD password reset and account unlock tool with selfservice support for employees. The “selfservice” password reset/account unlock are powered by multifactor authentication mechanism, which offers robust _security during password reset and account unlock. Also with GINA extension, employees can self reset their password and unlock their account from their system’s logon screen through secured browser. With the advent of this new solution, the   practice swarming the helpdesk to reset their forgotten or lost password has become a thing of bygone era.  The efficiency of help-desk staff soars up, and now they have more time at their disposal to cast their attention on more pressing problems.  With the use of Active Directory Self Service you can be doubly sure of being economically-prudent organization by pruning down the unproductive costs and at the same time beefing up the security and maximize productivity.                                                                                            

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General Features:


Provides centralized user interface for administrator to plan and prevent logon issues of the employees. Enrollment process helps in distinguishing authenticated users from anonymous users. Thus only enrolled users can perform self password reset and account unlock. Employees can perform self password reset and unlock account using multifactor authentication. Multifactor Authentication includes Challenge based Security Questions, Email Verification and Mobile Code Verification. Support for administrators to create unique policies for specific scope of users with unique security settings such as captcha settings, number of security questions to be answered etc. Support for administrator to perform bulk enrollment of employees to JiJi SelfService Password Reset for quick deployment. Option for bulk un-enrollment of employees is also provided. GINA extension helps employees to self reset their password or unlock account from the logon screen. Support for Active Directory attribute based search for employees is provided in the Enduser page. Option for excluding specific employees in the company’s Active Directory database from reports and charts, as per the company policy. Support for major European languages. Support for SSL encryption.


Features added in this version:

Option for administrator to customize End User pages. Added OWA extension. OWA users can reset their password from OWA login page. Logon Agent for Mac. Force enroller for Mac. Connectors for AD and Meditech. Verification of email/mobile during user enrollment. Windows Server 2012 support. IE10 support.





Employees can securely reset their own Active Directory passwords without the involvement of highly technical help desk professionals. Dependency on helpdesk is avoided. Employees can self reset password from anywhere through web-based interface. Email notifications are sent on password reset, password change, account unlock and soon to expire passwords. Queuing up time for reset password or unlock is saved. Easy to operate and highly secure, as a result one can confidently assert that it is one of the best and most cost-effective self-service solution that the IT Industry can invest. Solution has been made very easy and secure by using a combination of secret questions and mailing a one-use verification code to the user’s mobile phone. Helps your organization to reduce costs, improve security and increase productivity. Return on Investment (ROI) is considerably increased. Competitive pricing, reliable support, combined with user-friendly interface will prove itself a best investment for the use of employees irrespective of the size of the organization.



Pricing and Availability:

For evaluation, JiJi Self Service Password Reset is offered  for 30 days trial. You can download the evaluation  version from: