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How To Acquire Free Riot Points

Riot Points are the virtual currency of League of Legends, an online game similar to DotA (Defense of the Ancients). Riot Points or League of Legends Points (LoL Points) are available only upon purchase using real money, with the following exceptions.

1. You get free Riot Points when you invite people to play LoL with you, or refer people to League of Legends.  This will be your milestone rewards.

2.  When you reach Level 3 of the game, you will be given 400 Riot Points.

3.  When you visit some websites offering free LoL points you may also get points without spending money on the purchase.

4.  During certain holidays, Riot Games give away Riot Points for free; they are known for this act.

Of course, every Lol player would want free Riot Points, and thankfully there are legitimate websites that allow you to earn and collect free LoL points.  All it will take is some free time while you’re in front of the computer and surfing the web.  Your first step as soon as you found a site is to sign up.  Different websites will ask you to do different tasks that you need to complete before you’re given free Riot Points. For example, you might be asked to complete a survey, make a Google search, spell check, watch a video, or review a website.  You will earn points doing any of these tasks and these points you can convert to free LoL Points.

One word of caution, when you sign up with a website, make sure that you are putting in all valid information.  Once the information you have provided is found to be fake, your efforts will not be credited and you may be banned in time.

Once you have collected enough free Riot Points, you can use them to buy from the League of Legends Store anything that you believe would improve your gaming experience.  There are also things on the store that will add convenience, diversity  and customization options to your play.  Free LoL Points will let you buy Champions, Skins, Boosts Runes and Rune pages, and bundles.

You may prefer that your free Riot Points codes be sent to your email address.  You can instantly redeem it through the website where you signed up.  This will save you time from waiting for your points card to be delivered to your door.  Another method of receiving your League of Legends points codes is through your home address.  This option may take days for the card to get delivered; besides you’re exposing your personal identification online. Make sure that you deal with a site that has security measures in place.  Upon receipt of the code card, and to reveal the code, you just need to scratch off the silver layer. And you simply redeem it.

Riot point (earlier known as combat points) code cards also make a good gift idea, especially when you have collected several cards and you do not feel like using it in the game.  You can present your friends and family with this card so they can play the LoL using the LoL points.

Free LOL points are given out in the different levels of online games and anything for free is very pleasing to everyone, so free riot points should be able to impress anyone.