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How Email-to-sms Works

Email-to-SMS is a communication service where you can send and receive text messages through your email account.  This system is possible with your current server or email provider, and allows you to send unlimited numbers of text messages to multiple mobile phone numbers.  Email SMS is a good option if you have a business and want to keep in touch with your customers, field workers and to manage an information or marketing campaign.  You can also stay in constant touch with your family and friends with this service.


Email-to-SMS service is fast, reliable and cost effective.  You can use it anywhere you have access to your email account – at home, at the office, or overseas.  Email SMS is also possible to be sent from your smartphone that is internet-enabled. This service is easy to use.  Almost all mobile carriers offer SMS gateways.  The gateway, to you, is visually, an email address.


All you need to know about the person you are wishing to send a message to is his/her mobile phone number.  To send a message via email-to-SMS, it should be like this, basically:


FROM:  (your email address.  Some service providers require that you register your email address before you can use the service.


TO:             (<mobile/cell phone number>@<SMS gateway domain>  You can enter as many numbers as you want.  You can send email SMS to mobile phones anywhere in the world.


CC and BCC  (additional recipients” mobile numbers).


SUBJECT:  (the subject of your message)

BODY:  (your text message.  This will be forwarded to the cell phone numbers you have provided).

The email-to-SMS service is neat, because when you send an email SMS to a friend, co worker, etc., they will receive your message on their mobile phone, and the reply that they will send back will be received in your email account, not your own phone.  The process can save you time and money from picking up your mobile device at home to receive and send a text message.

Sending email via SMS is a simple and convenient solution to send text messages to mobile phones.  This system is ideal if you want to send a message to a friend and want this message to get delivered to the cell phone he/she is using.  Or, if you want to text your spouse when you’re at home or at work and you know that he is on the go and do not have access to a computer. 

Even though the system offers convenience to users, some people can’t help but have concerns that this can be an easy way for marketers, particularly spammers.  They can easily   rig something up and send you annoying messages or spam messages. It will be up to you now how you would want to handle the messages you receive.