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Find Out How To Replace Your Cracked Laptop Screen Yourself


Your laptop display is broken? If you dropped the laptop on the floor or spilled something on it and the display is broken or stained, the diagnosis is as clear as it can be. The laptop screen has to be changed! Many of our experiences related to service computer were not exactly pleasant. Sometimes you took your device at the service to be repaired and it stayed there for a longer period of time than it was necessary. Diagnosing the problem should not take so long, and the process of order / delivery or replacement of a component shouldn’t either. It's much easier than you think to replace it with a new one! With a screwdriver and possibly tweezers, you can replace it yourself and save a lot of time and money.


If you have a cracked laptop screen, it is obvious that the first thing to do is to remove it. First you have to identify the rubber covers of the screws, which are usually placed on the frame surrounding the display. Normally, there should be at least four or six screws on the frame. After you have found them all, loosen them and put them together with the rubber cover in a closed space in order not to get lost. Remove the frame from the screen at the bottom of the display, and pull it slightly. It should be easy to take it out. If not, pull it from more sides. Then easily pull the rest of the frame until it is removed from the plastic cover of the display.


Now that you can see the display, look for a label on the back where the manufacturer code is written. Usually it consists of a letter or more letters followed by a series of numbers. Manufacturers often use different screens for the same laptop model, so this number can help you find a suitable screen that replaces the faulty one. Once you have this information, you can search for a new screen. You can buy a laptop screen from the producer, but it usually costs more. The best thing to do is to look online. There are a lot of online stores where you can find exactly what you need.


When you receive the new laptop screen, get ready to place it in the right position after disconnecting all the cables between the metal frame and the screen. In order to install the new display, do exactly what you did when you removed the old one, but in reverse order. Before you finish, it is recommended to have a test. Connect your laptop to the charger or battery and turn it on. If there are problems, reconnect the cables and repeat the procedure. It may be an imperfect contact or some dirt on the connector. Once you've made sure that all is well, put the frame back, gently place the screws back on and cover them back with the rubber protections.

Your cracked laptop screen can be easily replaced with a new laptop screen if you follow some simple steps. There’s no need to have it replaced in a specialized store.