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File Server Auditing And Effective Permission Report - Jiji Auditreporter

JiJi Technologies, the  global leaders  who  are already in the vanguard  in systems and security  solutions  for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment  is proud to announce the launching of one more product  in their product  range for commercial availability namely  JiJi AuditReporter.




JiJi AuditReporter is a web based auditing software for tracking and reporting the day-to-day changes in Microsoft windows based enterprise collaboration platforms such as Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange Server, Fileserver and SharePoint. Auditing changes is also supported for Exchange Server GPO, and File Server environment It also generates ad-hoc (real-time) reports on categories such as AD, Exchange, GPO, File Server and SharePoint, in response to single mouse click from UI.




General Features

Provides centralized tracking and reporting of all changes in Active Directory, GPO, Exchange and  File Server.  The real-time reports in JiJi AuditReporter, extracts and lists the most updated current information from Active Directory, GPO, Exchange, Fileserver and SharePoint. 3.    Provides complete information on each Change as “Who changed”, “When changed”, “What changed” and “Where changed”. Administrators can automate report generation and send specific reports to specific email-ids, during scheduled time. Provides a robust solution in notifying each and every change to the email-ids of administrators and responsible users.                Provides surplus reports on almost every change that occurs in your Windows Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, File server which helps you in ensuring the change is in conformance with standards set by IT regulatory acts. Supports IT administrators in finding any discrepancies in systems securities, as well as enforcing pre-defined company’s IT policies.   Archiving and restoring audit information. Features added in this version The hottest feature introduced in this version is File Server auditing. The File Server auditing captures file changes happened in the machines within the Active Directory domain, such as copy, move, rename, modify and access of files or folders. Also “WHO” changed information is also recorded for each file or folder changes. In the File Server Report category, under security section, we have introduced “Effective Permission Report”. This report addresses the requirement of identifying the fine-grained permissions of selected users on specific files or folders. Provision for Reusing existing reports, such as an existing report can be edited and saved as new report in the web UI. Also the same report can viewed through the web UI. Support for creating and filtering reports using SQL and LDAP queries has been added. New categories for grouping reports are added under ‘AD Changes’ section, such as ‘AD Audit’, ‘Event log Audit’ and ‘Logon Audit’. New Reports on ‘Folder Options’, ‘Start menu’, ‘Regional Options’ are added under ‘Control Panel’ category for users in GPO Reports. ‘True Last Logon’ report included under ‘Logon’ category of ‘AD’ reports section is enhanced to generate the accurate result for truly logged on users by syncing and fetching details from with multiple DCs. Enabling column customization feature in Scheduler, so that administrator can skip unwanted information while send/receive scheduled report.

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Pricing and Availability:

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