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Features Of House Inspection Software

If you are a home owner or planning to purchase a property there are many things that you must check to ensure the safety and security of your property. If you are planning to purchase a property that was developed before 1980s you may find several products in it that have asbestos. Finding them and ensuring their safe existence is quite difficult for a lay person and if you know that there can be almost 3000 types of such substances you may feel the job to be impossible. But, donít worry, as you may take help of a House Inspection Software or a Home Inspection Software for making the task simple and fool proof. There are many other such components that are to be checked before purchasing a property and we are going to discuss those in brief in this article.

Asbestos was widely used in building materials like roofing, in asbestos cement sheets and pipes, electrical fittings, in insulation, in preparing floor tiles etc. because of its strength and heat resistant properties. But, when it was found during late 70s that asbestos fibres cause severe health hazards if they become airborne and can lodged in lungs while inhaled, its use was phased out. Prolonged exposure to asbestos fibre can cause lung cancer or problems like malignant mesothelioma. Though use of asbestos came down after this period, it was still being used in water pipes or in cement products like asbestos till the 90s. Since January 2004, there is a complete ban in the use of all products containing asbestos in Australia. But they are still found on building materials like floor tiles or roofs but are safe if the asbestos fibres are tightly packed and not released into the air or breathed in. By now you must have realised why you need to have a House Inspection Software or a Home Inspection Software while purchasing a property.

Certain Occupational Health and Safety Regulations specify that there are licensed asbestos removalists who may remove either fixed or installed asbestos-based material. For this you need a complete inspection of the property and it is manually not possible. With the help of House Inspection Software or a Home Inspection Software you can easily identify and map the sections containing asbestos.

If your property comes with a swimming pool you will have to ensure that it complies with existing swimming pool safety Acts and Regulations. The factors that are to be checked during swimming pool inspection are pool fences and gates, climbable zones near the pool fence, placement of CPR or Cardio-Pulmonary resuscitation chart and other important warning signs and storage of pool chemical. The building inspectors these days greatly rely on professional House Inspection Software or a Home Inspection Software in order to inspect and generate the report. Both the owners and landlords (in case of tenants) have responsibilities under the swimming pool safety acts.

The other inspections that you can carry out with House Inspection Software or a Home Inspection Software are for defects, HOW or the Home Owners Warranty, moulds, insurance and other quality issues as a part of the pre-purchase inspection. You should get one such software immediately to enjoy peace of mind in the long run.

House Inspection Software or Home Inspection Software can be used in almost all types of computers, Notebooks or iPad.