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Efficient Ways To Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Password

Windows 7 system is so popular that more and more people install it on their computer. As other Windows versions, Windows 7 also offers password protection for preventing unauthorized access. But, what can we do when forgot Windows 7 password? This article list four efficient ways to help you regain access to your computer when you forgot Windows 7 password.

No. 1: Use Windows 7 password reset disk.

In Windows 7/vista/XP, people can create a password reset disk with USB Flash Drive to prevent password lost. But note that a reset disk is available for only one user account. You need to create new reset disk when you create a new user account or change a password. When you lost Windows 7 password, this is the first way we can do. Follow the steps below if you have created a Windows 7 password reset disk.

Step 1: Start or restart your computer, in the welcome screen, Choose your user account then type in the user name and a wrong password, press ENTER or click OK. it will show you logon failed and show you a hint - Reset password....

Step 2: Insert your reset disk (USB Drive). Click Reset password

Step 3: Then the Password Reset Wizard pops up, click Next.

Step 4: Choose the disk which you inserted, click Next. Type a new password in the new password box, and type it again to confirm it. In the Type a new password hint box, type a hint for the password or not, and then click Next→Finish. Then you can login Windows 7 again with the new password you just reset.

So its better to create Windows 7 password reset disk if you are a forgetful person.

No. 2 Reset Windows 7 password in Safe Mode

If you have not created a reset disk, login safe mode then you can reset all user passwrods in control panel. This is a common and safe way to reset lost password in Whindows 7. Just two steps.

Step 1: Press F8 immediately when you start or restart your computer. When the system shows the start list, select Safe Mode and press Enter.

Step 2: After you login Safe Mode, open the control panel - users accounts, and reset whichever user password.

No. 3: Reset Windows 7 password with Professional Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool

If you haven't created a password reset disk for your account and can not login Safe Mode, but unfortunately you lost or forgot windows 7 password, see bellow. All you need is a computer you have access to and a blank CD/USB Drive.

Option 1: Reset Windows 7 Password with Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool

A well-know Windows password recovery tool, Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool and Windows Password Rescuer, is a highly appreciated password recovery software which is more and more popular on the internet. Just 3 simple steps help you reset/remove Windows 7 password, this is the simplest way to help you regain access to your locked Windows 7 system. As most people said, Windows Password Rescuer is worth a try when I forgot Windows 7 password.

Step 1: Download Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool or Windows Password Rescuer and install it to a computer which you have access.

Step 2: Run the software and burn it to a blank CD/USB Drive (Just insert your CD/USB and click the Burn button).

Step 3: Boot your computer from CD-ROM or USB then remove Windows 7 password by one click.

Option 2: Crack Windows 7 password with Ophcrack.

Ophcrack is one of the most popular free Windows 7 passwrod recovery tool based on rainbow tables which is open source program. It can help you reset Windows 7/Vista/XP password less than 14 characters. Once you forgot Windows 7 password, this is a good choice to download the right version for windows 7 and crack Window 7 password.

Step 1: Download Ophcrack LiveCD ISO File and burn it to a disc so you can use it.

Step 2: Insert the Ophcrack Live CD disc you just burned into your optical drive and then restart your locked PC.

Step 3: The Ophcrack LiveCD starts automatically and attempts to crack your Windows password.

Step 4: After it reveals your password, take out the disk and you can try to logon to Windows again with the recovered password..

However, many people failed to recover Windows 7 password as its large ISO file which is more than 496MB and it costs lots of time to do the preparation work.