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Detail Introduction The Two Camps And Race Of Rift

Introduced of the Brotherhood of Legion camp.
The brotherhood of the Legion is the son of the sky chosen, is under the "patron saint" that is composed by the gods of Tenara. The Brotherhood of Legion is originated from the three races worship of all gods: Fearless Matthew people, clever high elves and granite dwarf. They believe in the same gods, seek for redemption for their crime committed by the leaders. Therefore the guardian is regarded as the hope of Tenara, symbolizing the save and sin.
The Brotherhood of Legion put the temple city for the base camp, heroic fight against the dragon and believers. Expeditionary force stroke the ghost army of Ray Gu Los, the judge army purified crazy believers of Ake Rios, spy group walked far to the light desert, and debunked intrigue. "Patron Saint" has had a revelation that reservation road is not more than one, so the Brotherhood of Legion knew the person who betrays the sky through ending the threat of a huge dragon, to look for their own holy land.
Introduced the camp of Guards
Whether did God abandoned the world? The person who betrays the sky doesn't care. In their view, the disaster between the planes, and first is all gods are wrong. In fact, in every case worse and worse, the god is always without a trace.
In addition, all the members of this camp pay attention to their own moral uplift without thought of others, and they are fond of science and technology. After technology and magic fusion, it provides a perfect opportunity for thinking innovation, personal ability, and civilization development. If used properly, the source rock can be used to manufacture of a powerful weapon against the forces of the imminent darkness. The person who betrays the sky believes that offense is the best defense, and Brotherhood of Legion knows nothing about this reason.
Have the power war equipment, as well as innovation in magic areas, guards believe that faith has been out of date. Tenara people rely on their own strength are enough to kill the dragon. Once, the Tenara was in peace, will enter into the era of magic engineering, guards would become the leader, their innovation will enter the every aspect of life.
Introduction of the Brotherhood of Legion - Matthew person
Before destroyed by the darkness, cold Matthew West was once the hometown of heroes and valiant soldier.
Incentive roar - Matthew person and the members of its nearby team movement speed is increased by 30% for 10 seconds. It cannot be used in combat.
Shadow legacy: death resistance is improved 20 points.
Introduction race of the guards - the elves of islands
Lost elves in the Larry Islands were under the influence of primordial plane magic. As spirit medium, the elves have a powerful force, but their personality is hard to be predicted.
The elves can be disguised as fox, lasting for 20 seconds, reducing the provocation of the enemy and taking away his pet range. This skill cannot be used in combat.

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