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Customize Your Computer Through Hd Wallpaper

When all the programs on your computer are turned off, the image that you will see on your screen is what you call the desktop wallpaper. You may want to just leave your screen only with a color and no image. You may also want to use a logo or an abstract design provided by your operating system.  But like most other people, you may choose to customize your computer by having personal pictures or HD wallpaper that you can easily find online.

To use the default background from a Windows operating system, you need to activate a pop-up menu by right-clicking on the desktop.  Then you select “Properties” and press the “Desktop” tab.  This will enable you to cycle the different Windows-provided wallpapers through a preview window.  The images provided here might seem familiar to you because these HD wallpapers are displayed on the screens of computers at the computer stores.

You can use your own personal photographs as your own desktop wallpaper to make your computer customized.  Go to the file where you store your digital photographs and make a right click on any file to activate a pop up menu.  To cycle through the pictures, select “Preview” and a slide show window will appear.  When you’re done choosing the photo that you want to install as your monitor’s wallpaper, right-click on it and then select the “Set as desktop background”.

On the Internet are many websites that offer HD wallpapers.  Made available for your taking are stunning imagery and photographs of various themes.  You can even use a famous painting for your desktop wallpaper – you can get it by visiting various online museums. You might also want to have a close up picture of an interesting animal or plant and anything about nature, or if you love entertainment, there are games and movies themes to use as background. There are endless possibilities in making your desktop looking inspiring and fresh.  There are lots of choices, and they are just a mouse click away.

Many websites have big repositories of background images which number to over 800,000. These are listed according to categories like sports, anime or animals.  When you download one of these wallpapers, this is optimized automatically to fit your computer’s screen resolution.  And the beautiful thing about these sites is that you can download the image free of charge, you need not register to the site, nor become a member first. Any image or photograph that you find and select online can be used as a background to your computer screen, just make sure that it has sufficient resolution. Larger images can fit nicely, but smaller ones may not normally be suitable for the purpose.  Small photographs are taken at lower resolution, usually.

When you visit wallpaper sites, avoid those that have too much ads.  If you will search thoroughly, you will find sites that have very few advertisements and a few with none at all, and still provide a great selection of HD wallpapers for your desktop.

Searching for wallpaper, try HD wallpaper!