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Cracking Windows 8 Administrator And User Password Easily

”I forgot my laptop password Windows 8 and a reset disk was not created, how to crack my laptop without password?”

Many people lost their Windows 8 password on laptop and have no idea to restore it. Search for "reset Windows 8 password" you may found some solutions. However, which is valid? And which can help you hack into your laptop without data lost? You may take lots of time to test them one by one until you are tired. Well, here I will introduce two effective ways to help you exactly crack Windows 8 administrator password.

Method One: Crack Windows 8 password with "Windows Password Rescuer "

This is a professional Windows password reset tool which can instantly crack Windows 8/7/Vista/XP password for any laptop such as dell, hp, acer, Toshiba, Samsung, ibm, Lenovo, asus etc…. All you need is downloading the software on an accessible computer and create a Windows password recovery disk. This disk can be used to hack any computer installed Windows 8 operating system. Of course you just can hack into your own PC. Please see how to crack laptop password Windows 8 without password.

1. Download and install "Windows Password Rescuer " on “Wimware.Com” on another PC.

2. Run the software to create a Windows password recovery disk by burning to a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

3. Insert the disk to a laptop which you want to crack Windows 8 password, set the laptop to boot from the disk.

4. Windows Password Rescuer Personal will run automatically and display a friendly window. All user accounts of your Windows 8 system will be listed.

5. Click one user account and click Reset Password. When a confirm massage pops up, click Yes. Its password will be removed instantly.

6. Now the password has been removed and shown blank. Click Reboot button.

7. When a confirm message appears, take out your recovery disk and click Yes.

After reboot you can login Windows 8 without password! Time of the process may take you only 3 minutes!

Method Two: Crack Laptop Windows 8 by Creating A New User

Windows Password Rescuer allows people to add new user to Windows 8 off-line. If you want to crack your Windows 8without changing any user's password. This function is useful for you. Note that you also need to run the software to create a Windows 8 hack disk first and boot the computer from it.

1. When the software run automatically and display a window, click Add User button.

2. Type a new user name and password, click OK.

3. Click Reboot button, when a confirm message pops up, remove your hack disk and clcik Yes.

4. After reboot, you can logon the new user on Windows 8.

In fact, there are some other methods can help unlock Windows 8 password on any laptop. Such as reset laptop Windows 8 password with free Windows password reset disk, Replace Windows 8 administrator/user password by using Command line, reset forgotten Windows 8 password with installation disk. However, a free password reset disk must be created before you lost your password, to use CMD you need another user account which has admin rights, to use a installation disk to reset Windows 8 password is a little hard. Compare to these methods, Windows Password Rescuer may be the easiest and safest way to reset lost Windows password without limitation.

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