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Active Directory Manager

It is a common requirement for any company to perform batches of AD operations simultaneously, like creating multiple user entries, updating particular AD attributes, bulk de-provisioning etc. AD Manager supports provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts in Active Directory & Microsoft Exchange. Inputs can be drafted in a CSV and fed into AD Manager.  Most importantly AD Manager has the power to delegate authorities more granularly, which enables to distribute the load.

Export-Import Data

Using JiJi AD Manager, you can export the data from Active Directory in CSV format. Make the necessary changes and get the approval. Import the data to Active Directory. Created or Modified objects data can be exported to CSV / PDF / Excel for reference. If problem occurs during creation / modification of an object, initial settings will be reverted. Attributes which creates problem will be shown in the result page.




Batch user provisioning and de-provisioning from a central console. Extremely flexible design, which helps users to access the service with ease. Bulk provisioning is feasible both from user interface and CSV Import. Both direct and request based actions are supported for AD Management. Request based actions on AD objects are handled by workflows. Delegating authorization roles on users, helps in accessing AD Manager with uncompromised security. Templates for pre-populating user information during user provisioning process. Cloning specific properties of a user to others.



Performs the AD management within few mouse clicks.                                                                          Fires up AD management process in bulk, instead of deploying it for individual AD objects. Helps administrators to create test environment within seconds. Helps administrators to create/modify AD users in bulk. Helps administrators to assign Help Desk and Managers with granular permissions. Automated and secure management of AD objects using requests and approvals.


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Pricing and Availability:

For evaluation, JiJi Active Directory Management Tool is offered  for 30 days trial. You can download the evaluation  version from: