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Why 21st Century Businesses Are Choosing Google Apps

With finance being the major driving force of online business models at the moment, the advantage of having a Google App for a business cannot be understated.

Time Saving

First of all, with one of these apps, a business stands to save on time. The need to develop an app from scratch is eliminated. A business can jump right into modifying an existing app rather than having a team of in-house programmers develop one from scratch. The second way that opting for a Google App saves a business on time is that Google Apps require no hardware or software. With this comes little administration on the business front to make sure an app is running properly. Compared to other competing solutions, Google Apps let business owners take advantage of the pre-existing power harnessed in tested and proven apps. This is why Google App migration is currently featuring on the online business scene as more and more businesses seek to take advantage of Google’s API.


Businesses that opt to use a Google App such as Gmail for their email needs enjoy increased storage as compared to other mailing solutions. This gives the business the opportunity to work with large volumes of email efficiently, freeing up employees time to engage in more productive elements of the business. Google App migration rewards a business with increased storage levels that have been tweaked to allow increased collaboration along the business.

Cloud Computing Made More Affordable

Employees have access to basic word processing applications like a Word Processor and Spread Sheets. Google App Migration lets a business take advantage of these online tools to allow for greater collaborations. A business with separate geographical branches takes advantage of this cloud computing feature offered by the email Google App to work on projects in real time. Data from one branch is accessed from any location in the world giving employees all that they need to collaborate.


This is a feature of any Google App. Users can easily manage their schedule or email with the calendar app. This app lets a person organize all major events surrounding certain dates all from one central position. Google App migration has empowered the corporate man with the power to move with personal and business schedule anywhere in the world. Organization is critical to business efficiency and this particular Google App makes it possible. This translates to time efficiency and less down time for a business.


Any Google App is hosted in hundreds of data centers around the world. What this translates to is reliability and efficiency. If one server fails to process a request, there are other servers ready to process the same request. A Google App migration is mainly fueled by this factor. Businesses want to avoid down time at all cost. They want to access emails and other applications at the speed of light, and using a Google App, this is assured.


Hackers are the new breed of pirates on the internet. Information thieves who are out to dig into business information are something businesses want to stay away from. Google Apps script development features hosting on Secure SSL servers with valid certification. Any request to a Google App is conducted through a secure connection which hackers cannot hope to crack. This is what has led to an increased Google App migration as businesses strive to keep their information secure.

Paul Kelsall is the author of this article on IT Consulting. Find more information on Google Apps here.