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Tree Surgery Essex

We can stay away from dangerous things, but only when we see them. When we do not sense danger, we just imagine that it is not there. Unfortunately, many reports show that hazardous situations are present all around us. And a very common situation encountered by many busy roads and in lots of high-traffic areas is the one represented by old trees that are a serious danger to cars, buildings, animals, and most importantly, people.

Trees enhance the value of an environment through the beauty that they bring. They are planted to provide us with a pure atmosphere and shadow and to improve public gardens, sidewalks, private yards, and even home interiors. Professionals who plant and maintain trees within their natural or artificial environments are known as tree surgeons. These are specialists in trees, vines, and shrubs, usually featuring a formal education in arboriculture.

As the name of tree surgery Essex or tree surgery Colchester implies, tree surgeons cut down diseased trees or branches that present a potential danger to people and property. But their main tasks are to plant, grow and maintain trees, shrubs, lianas and other woody plants within private or public landscapes. Tree surgeons know how to identify various species of trees, how to fertilise them, how to keep tree diseases at a distance and control pathogens, and also how to remove problematic tree limbs.

It is obvious that specialists practising tree surgery Essex or tree surgery Colchester have a great passion for nature, but their passion and education is not enough to help them become professional tree surgeons. You need great skills to be able to practise this profession to the highest standards. A tree surgeon is expected to climb to great heights, work in dangerous conditions, carry a pretty heavy equipment with him all the time and make rapid decisions that could influence his own life or his colleagues’.

First of all, people who dream of becoming tree surgeons should understand that some trees are really tall and they may have to climb them to the top to see if they are healthy or if they require some cuttings. Secondly, they need to be willing to work with pesticides and fertilisers, which are dangerous chemical compounds. Then, future tree surgeons need to have a good stamina, in order to carry heavy equipment, and be always ready to participate in rescue operations, if the situation requires it.

Tree surgeons are specialists planting and maintaining trees. Normally, their entire activity takes place outside. Because of this, tree surgeons are required to have a very good physical stamina, be effective communicators, and maintain a good relationship with everybody in their team. Also, they have to possess a good knowledge of trees, be able to undertake more tasks at the same time, and work well in a team.

If you look for professionals specialised in tree surgery Essex and tree surgery Colchester, you have come to the right place. We can provide you with beautiful landscapes, as well as with important advice on what trees to plant in your garden to complement your house, or on how to take care of your lovely piece of paradise, to keep it always fresh and appealing.