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The Best Pipelines From

Piping, as you would well know, is a network of pipes that are used to transfer liquids and gases from a location to another location. The better the engineering involved in making the pipes the more efficient is the transportation process. Pipelines are common in those areas where oil and natural gas are extracted, the Middle East for example. There are some specialized players in the piping industry that make pipes and is one among them.

The petrol, diesel, compressed natural gas and other petroleum products that we use in our day to day life are not just extracted from inside the earth and directly sent for use. The crude oil or natural gas is extracted and then it is processed to create the finished product. During the production process many by-products are also manufactured and these by-products are used in different industrial applications. The crude oil and natural gas needs to be transported from the wells to the production areas and hence, efficient pipelines are needed for this transportation. Since we have limited amount of these resources available the quality of the pipelines has to be top class. This ensures that there is minimum wastage during the transportation process. Hence this industry is small with a limited number of players. But of course, there are some players in this small industry that offer better products and the name of is counted among the best.

There are different types of pipelines that are used in this industry – you have insulated subsea cryogenic pipeline, subsea flowline and insulated onshore pipeline. All these pipes have their specific purposes and they have to be made keeping in mind their purpose. And we are not talking about a pipeline travelling a few miles. Companies like make pipes that stretch for hundreds of miles. ITP Interpipe, for example, has more than 155 miles of pipes running in the various petroleum extraction areas of the world. All these pipes are highly insulated so that they can minimize heat loss and ensure that the maximum crude oil is transported for processing.

One of the big advantages of is that they can offer advisory services in the oil and gas production domain. The company was founded in1992 and it is managed by a group of highly efficient people that know what it takes to transport high temperature crude oil and natural gas from one location to another. If you are looking for design and engineering work in your well area or want to start and want to manage a project or are looking for any other offshore or manufacturing assistance then ITP Interpipe can offer you help.

When it comes to pipelines the name of is synonymous with efficiency and quality. There are very few other manufacturers of petroleum and natural gas pipelines that can match the product performance of this company. Since this domain is small you can take references from other existing clients of the company and will only see them gushing in admiration.

 You need complete efficiency in your crude oil and natural gas pipelines and offers you this efficiency with its world class pipe-in-pipe solutions.