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Pleasure Beach Holidays

Whether you seek for a fun location for the weekend or you want to spend a whole week in a great, entertaining location, Blackpool is a city that has something to offer for people with all kinds of tastes and interests. From the gorgeous Illuminations to the entertaining Blackpool Pleasure Beach holidays, it impossible not to fall in love with this city! Besides that, you have the chance to spend your days in a nice and comfortable hotel Blackpool!

Blackpool attracts many tourists every year due to the beautiful surroundings and the entertaining environment of the city. Located on the coast, the city is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular destinations. And there is no wonder that millions of tourists visit this great city when there are so many great tourist attractions to enjoy around here!

The city of Blackpool has many things to offer to tourists. If you are a big fan of beach holidays, you have found the perfect destination for you! But there are hundreds of other reasons to visit Blackpool. For instance, you cannot go to Blackpool without visiting the Blackpool Tower, an iconic building opened at the end of the 19th century. The impressive tower is the number one tourist attractions in Blackpool and it provides gorgeous views over the city and more!

A holiday in Blackpool also gives you the opportunity to see “The Lights”, a famous illumination system that uses a few millions of bulbs, which are lighting the seafront since 1879. It is the number one free tourist attraction in the entire UK and you can enjoy it by car, by walking, by tram and so on. More than three millions of visitors every year come here especially for this beautiful experience.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach holidays are what make this city an unforgettable destination for a holiday! The incredible theme park from here has over 120 rides, from which 12 are gigantic roller coasters! The biggest one features a 205 ft. drop and you can see it from miles around the city. But the park is meant for people of all ages so you can even bring your children here because there are milder rides too! And don’t forget about the zoo also. Your family will have a great time at the large zoo in Blackpool.

But no holiday would be complete without the perfect accommodation. If you are looking for a hotel Blackpool that will make your stay here unforgettable, Hesketh Hotel is the best choice for you! Located on the Queens Promenade, the hotel is just a few minutes away from many tourist attractions in Blackpool. The area is also renowned for the fine restaurants and eateries you can find here. This beautiful hotel Blackpool is a comfortable and quiet location where you can spend your best days of holiday!

Are interested in booking a room in the most elegant and friendly hotel Blackpool? Get in touch with Hesketh Hotel and you will have the chance to spend the best Pleasure Beach holidays in Blackpool!