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I Tubing From Majus Has Brought In Revolution In Oil Extraction

When oil is extracted from the bowels of the earth a series of complicated processes take place. Crude oil is extremely hot and has to be extracted through pipes. However, there is perfect insulation required while the crude oil travels through the pipe so that there is no wax deposition. I tubing is a revolutionary technology that stops heat loss from the crude oil and offers steady insulation. There are a handful of players in this industry and Majus is one of them. gives you information on all the capabilities that the company has and why it is considered to be among the top providers of pipe-in-pipe technology.

As mentioned above when crude oil is not sufficiently hot when it is extracted through a pipe wax deposition takes place. I tubing from is a revolutionary pipe-in-pipe technology that can stop heat loss by up to 7 times. The technology works perfectly well both for steam injection and deep wells. The technology offers one of the highest qualities of steam downhole to further strengthen the process involved in crude oil extraction.

It is said that the coupling is the weakest point in the insulated systems that are presently used. 80% of the heat loss happens at the coupling junction. The I tubing technology from addresses this issue beautifully it can fit any coupling base and tubing based on the requirement of the client and it is made using high performance insulating material that has been in use in the nuclear industry for many years. The dedicated bayonet type connection design ensures that

The overall U value is less than 0.8 W/(m2.K)
The operating temperature is maintained up to 350 C
The softer vacuum technology means more life for the tubing

It comes as no surprise that I tubing from is in great demand in the market. The kind of technology that Majus offers is not offered by too many players in this small and specialized domain. Today Majus mass produces I tubes and supplies these tubes to the biggest oil companies in the world and they are perfectly happy using this new technology and thus fortifying their extraction processes and minimizing crude oil losses.

And Majus has managed all this in a surprising small amount of time. The company was registered only in 2005 and in less than a decade it has become one of the most well known names in the oil extraction business. Majus has already provided two proven technologies that have worked excellently well and the company is now working on a new project that should further revolutionize the way crude oil is extracted. Among of the most well known technologies from Majus are TOR and EHTT.

Our natural crude oil resources are depleting fast and even a drop is precious. Every oil company wants to limit their losses as much as possible and thanks to I tubing from they have managed to do so. And Majus will continue to innovate and make oil extraction more efficient. now offers I tubing, a revolutionary pipe-in-pipe technology that has made oil extraction more efficient than ever before.