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Hr Planning Made Easy With Organizational Network Analysis Software

Any organization is comprised of a complex network of relationships amongst its people. Every individual is connected to multiple people in some way or the other. Without these networks, no organization can perform successfully. As long as an organization is of a sufficient size, there are problems tracking the organizational network. The moment an organization becomes large, the network becomes larger and more complex. Tracking an organizational network becomes that much more difficult. You can, however, use organizational network analysis software to keep track of the ever growing network of your organization. Organizational network analysis also helps you with other benefits.

Identify the network and track it
The basic purpose of organizational network analysis is to identify how an individual is linked to other individuals in the organization. This is important because many individuals have a dotted line reporting to multiple individuals. Someone in a senior role often manages multiple departments and their organizational hierarchy has to be tracked. But more importantly, informal connections are often more important than formal ones. Once the team structure is clear, employee engagement initiatives can also be put in place. When you know about the critical links in your organization, forming teams and retention planning can be done accordingly.

Identify the high potential employees
There are critical resources in any organization and the organization wants to keep hold of them no matter what. With the organizational network analysis software, such critical resources can be identified. Once they are identified, the succession planning can come into the picture. With organizational network analysis, you can also identify the upcoming talents and plan for their retention.

Team Formation
Any organization needs to know about its future path. The future path has to be planned and charted by the senior management team. Depending on the path being planned for the organization, the talent acquisition team needs to think strategically about team formation. Once organizational network analysis is done, the recruitment team is not just clear about the number of people they need to hire, but also identify those critical skills that they should be looking for. And when people are on board, their induction can also be planned accordingly.

Change management
There are times when an organization goes through a change. Change could involve an increment in size or a contraction. If it is the latter, some employees may leave the organization. This is an unpleasant exercise but it may need to be done at times. Organizational network analysis software may be helpful in planning these strategic initiatives. At the same time, the HR team may also wish to identify those employees that it is very important to retain. Once the team structure is in place, they can be taken through a change management program to ensure there are no ongoing issues.

Organizational network analysis is essential for any organization and this can be done in an easy way without using pen and paper. Organizational network analysis software helps organizations create customized surveys so that they are clear about their strategy and future direction as well as the current situation.

It is not difficult to do an organizational network analysis. Use of organizational network analysis software makes the job easy.