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Choosing The Right Ecommerce Template Is Important For Capturing The Malaysian Market

Website templates are the easiest and the most cost-effective means to design and launch business websites. An ecommerce template is nothing but a website template that has some additional features preloaded in it. Many e-business owners do not know that hiring a web designer who can design a site from the scratch is a time-consuming and expensive process. There is an easier and more cost-effective option too. There are designers who design customized e-commerce templates that are suitable for different types of e-businesses. If you are about to enter the Malaysia market, you should learn that e-retailers are increasingly falling for these templates and there are plenty of reasons for them to choose these ecommerce web templates. Ecommerce in Malaysia is going through a rosy time.

The current market scenario
Electronic commerce became popular as a trend in Malaysia during mid 1990s. The Malaysian government was also keen on increasing ecommerce activities in the country. At present, 61% of the total population in Malaysia have access to internet and large section of these technologically privileged prefer to shop online. During late 2000s, Malaysia internet market sphere became crowded with blog-based online stores and several other global players who had started using the power of ecommerce template. However, their local competitors were not far behind and recent reports suggest that there is an immense growth opportunity created for the local e-retailers. If you can launch a website of your business with convenient shopping options, prospective customers will find you eventually. Ecommerce in Malaysia is expected to become a RM5 billion industry by the end of 2015 (Nielson study report). If you can enter the market with a nicely designed website, you can get a good head start.

How a web template makes the difference?
Online shoppers have a relatively short attention span compared to the buyers who prefer to shop from brick-and-mortar stores. To retain customers and to increase your business revenue, you must make your online storefront visually appealing and useful. An ecommerce template, which has all the essential features like shopping cart, secure payment gateway, smart product catalogues and easy navigation, can give you the edge over your closest competitors. It is a proven fact that online buyers revisit the sites that do not hinder their browsing experience and they always prefer easy-to-use e-commerce shopping cart. Whether or not you are using a secure payment gateway also becomes a decisive factor.

What services ecommerce site designers provide?
Ecommerce template designers come up with turnkey website templates that are preloaded with all the necessary applications and tools. If you choose a reputable web designer Malaysia, you can find scores of ecommerce websites already designed by him for different local and global clients. For getting a brief idea about their serviceability, browsing through these existing templates is always an imperative. Anticipating the future growth of Ecommerce in Malaysia and the growing demand of e-businesses of varied sizes, these designers offer a wealthy array of package deals and you can check out their comprehensive web designing/development deals by visiting their website.

SiteGiant (Malaysia) offers comprehensive ecommerce template designing/development solutions. If you are determined to reap the obvious benefits of the growing market of e-commerce in Malaysia, you can opt for these customized web templates for your business. We also offer advanced e-commerce shopping cart applications.