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Angel Student Storage Durham Available At Cheaper Rates Online

Angel student storage Durham is in great demand these days. Many students are opting for these services especially as Angel Services comes approved by the University. Angel Storage Durham is designed to help students and parents save a lot of time, money and energy that goes into taking their belongings home come the end of term. Angel Services have been providing Cheap Storage Durham to every student at the University since 2005 and since then Angel Services has expanded to offer students a broader range of services that included, Student Storage, UK Courier, International Shipping and Home Removals.

In 2010 Angel Storage Durham signed an exclusive contract with the University. This contract recommended that Angel Storage should be the only company to provide storage for every student at the University. Since the contract was signed Angel Student Storage Durham has grown reaching more students allowing it to be able to lower its prices to beat the competition and it still works very closely with the University and the Colleges by donating a portion of what it takes in sales back to the University so they can invest it in events for the students such as their end of term balls or donations to charities.

Angel Student Storage Durham will ensure that your belongings are safe, secure and looked after to the highest level and after many years of being established Angel Storage Durham still boasts a 100% safety record. Along with this Angel Services also provides every student with an individual tailor made storage quote to ensure that not only every customer is getting properly looked after but also that every customer is getting the best Cheap Storage Durham. There are no wasted costs or excess spaces when you use Angel Services because they make sure you get the maximum usage of space out of every box you use. So whilst saving you money on wasted space Angel Student Storage Durham also provides you with free packaging materials, free collection and free delivery of your all your storage items. This really allows you to put your things into storage without ever setting foot out of your accommodation.

Angel Storage Durham and the university have teamed up in order to save every student and parent the unwanted hassle, stress and cost of having to move their entire university goods home come the end of term. Angel Services offers a broad range of options that include Student Storage, UK Courier, International Shipping. These services have been established so that Angel Services can appeal to every student at the University no matter what year you are in or what requirements you might have and if you book with them online you will also save yourself 10% off the total price.

So get in touch with Angel Student Storage Durham to book your hassle free, easy and cost saving solution when it comes the end of term. Even if you want to store special archives Angel Document Storage can provide you with that as well. They are the number one student storage Durham Company and as they continue to grow they will only save more and more parents and students money on travel and time in packing.