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Acumen Systems, The Best Choice In Terms Of Bespoke Software.

How important are honesty and integrity when it comes to making a choice regarding the bespoke software development company you trust with the conception and design of your organisationís bespoke software? If you, like us, believe that despite the fact that they are slowly becoming extinct in the IT industry, these values are essential when it comes to developing a fruitful and serious collaboration, then Acumen Business Systems is here to provide you with its products and services. The several main principles we have set for ourselves determine the way in which we do business and the manner in which we relate to our clientele.

Maintaining an open and sincere relationship with our clients is of utmost importance for our small but professional and dedicated team of professionals. It is our conviction that, as a bespoke software development company, we have the duty to treat our customers with absolute honesty lest both their business and our image should be damaged. For this reason we never engage in projects we are aware we can not complete for various reasons, be they lack of available experts, too heavy an agenda etc. Acumen Business Systems will never take on the responsibility of a collaboration we know we do not have the necessary resources to complete. On the contrary, our customers will be presented the situation exactly as it is and probably advised to resort to other IT companiesí services for more satisfactory results.

Our previously completed bespoke software projects can be viewed and assessed by our potential clients by accessing the online portfolio available on our website. There you will be able to browse through a wide range of projects we have developed for previous customers, assess the way we have coped with the tasks and get a general image of the kind of business we deal with. As results from our portfolio, we have successfully handled diverse bespoke software development projects, related to various topics of interest, thus adding flexibility to the list of users we can provide for and the types of software we develop. One important feature of these projects is that each of them is accompanied by a letter stipulating several written specifications according to which the project is supposed to be developed.

What differentiates Acumen Business Systems from the rest of the companies dealing with the development of bespoke software, is the fact that, once the project comes to an end, our customers receive the source code of the application as well as a letter confirming that they now have full ownership of the intellectual property rights (IPR) over the software. One reason why we practice this ďblind trustĒ as some might call it, is that we have the belief that we would prefer our clients to return to us out of their own will, rather than forcing them to address us, as owners of the IPR. Secondly, the pre existence of a series of official specifications is a way of avoiding possible conflicts which might occur in the future between the coder and the client.

Enhance the image of your organization by resorting to our bespoke software development and let us produce your perfect bespoke software for a more solid identity on the market.