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Removing Stretch Marks Using A Micro Needle Roller

Stretch marks, which are called striae as its medical term, are marks on the skin caused by excessive stretching of the dermis. It is common on women during pregnancy, people who does body building, weight gain and even puberty. Removing stretch marks are difficult and may need medical procedures. There are topical creams, oils and supplements for stretch marks but wonít guarantee total removal of the scar. Because of technology, micro needle therapy was introduced to remove any impurities of the skin like acne, blemishes and stretch marks. It is used to tan bort bristningar which can be done on a clinic or at home. This is the kind of treatment that is less invasive and non-surgical that is perfect for individuals who donít want to go under the knife. The micro needle roller is an alternative for those people who want to treat their skin conditions at home. Although it is proven to be safe, there are still precautions to follow to avoid further injuries. It is also important to read guidelines and procedures first before performing the procedure.

Keep an environment germ-free by performing sterile technique

This is the first and the most crucial step when using micro needle roller to tan bort bristningar. Perform proper hand washing by cleansing your hands with soap and water. Areas to be treated must also be properly washed with soap and water to remove any dirt and residue. The roller must also be infected by using alcohol by soaking it for a minute or two. If you have low tolerance to pain, you can apply anesthetic creams to numb the area.

Using the roller in proper strokes

Rollers should be used using proper strokes to avoid injuring the skin. It is ideal to do vertical and horizontal motions using the right amount of pressure. You can repeat the strokes up to four times but if blood was seen, immediately stop the procedure. Slight prickling may be felt but it should be painless.

Post-washing procedure

After using the micro needle roller, it is important to wash the area with cold water to close the pores. After washing, dry the area and apply moisturizer preferably creams with vitamin E. There are creams in the market that will help produce collagen and you can use them as well. Wash the roller immediately after use. Use hot water to wash it then soak in a disinfectant solution for no more than 30 minutes. After disinfecting and washing the roller, dry thoroughly using a clean towel. To tan bort bristningar effectively, you can perform the procedure once a day.

To know more on micro needle, feel free to browse on our website. Just when you think stretch marks are hopeless, our online page will give you ways on how to tan bort bristningar in a safer but effective way. Should you have any questions, donít hesitate to give us a call on our contact numbers or send emails.