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Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah

If money is not an issue, I am sure we will all buy a motorcycle in accordance with the specifications we want. But the fact is money is an issue for most of us. Often, the debate is not about to buy what we want, but to buy what we can afford. We usually compare the bike with the design, engine technology, fuel consumption or some other physical characteristics.Yamaha ( is proud to present Technology Jet-Fuel Mixture Injection (YMJET-FI) on YamahaMio motorcycle J. The latest models are already available in national markets today, with advanced technology, the lovers of Yamaha products can improve engine performance and fuel efficiency to 30 percent. A fitting for Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah, and this is also why Mio J called "It's Magic."When talking about the motor matic efficient injection at an economical price cheap alias, then the best option is the latest product Mio motorcycle J. The latest models are already available in the national market is very unique with its reliability, its sesuaitagline "The Sooner The Save Money... It's Magic."

Public opinion which says that the motorcycle matic is wasteful now become an anomaly and tidakberlaku again. With the latest technology matic J Yamaha Mio was able to create a bike with fuel economy. The proof can be felt on Yamaha Mio scooter matic latest J.Add Yamaha Image Writing CompetitionA Yamaha Mio excess of this can be judged from the performance, where the high responsiveness and economical or efficient. Not only that, Mio J has a smart design of flowing lines with 10 color options for young people today are energetic. This fact is even more a Yamaha Mio J appear more perfect. A Mio technology engines Fuel Injection (FI) is a completely new Yamaha innovation results experts.

Cooling system (Engine Cooling System) Yamaha Mio A Fan Turbo is equipped with machines that can cool quickly.Mio J was deliberately created with a low seat height, so that it can accommodate anyone. Already equipped with injection technology so it does not require maintenance or cleaning the carburetor. Maintenance garage was only a short time and need fast, because the battery Yamaha Mio J use dry battery, so it does not require regular maintenance every week.Often the storage (Box Console) on a motorcycle becomes problematic when those who need space for storing loose belongings. now you do not have to worry anymore, Yamaha Mio J luggage capacity is 8 liters, thus can save a lot of stuff such as raincoats, shoes, bags and other small size.Long-term benefits of the most beneficial in my opinion is you J Mio users no longer need to pump frequently to refuel, because the fuel tank capacity 4.8 liter Yamaha Mio J plus a very economical consumption of new technology. A seat Mio is now longer, so will let you bring the luggage rack Motor matic injeksi irit harga murah.