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How To Determine The Right Aircraft Tug For Your Airplane?

There are many types of Airplane Tugs available on the market, and this makes it difficult for aircraft owners to choose one. Not all the tugs are made equal, neither will a tug work with all types of airplanes. You have many manufacturers offering multiple brands, sometimes a single company making many different brands to meet the requirements for different types of aircrafts. The different types of Airplane Tug that you can find are described here in brief with their features and uses.

If you have a light aircraft with tail-wheel and something below 1500 lb, you should be looking for a manually operated Airplane Tug. This is an option that would also save you some decent amount of money. It provides an individual with a safe and better option for pushing or pulling the various parts of the aircraft, which are not made for so much force. This type of tug would make things extremely easier. However, some of the aircraft owners having a light aircraft would still want to find a motor-run tug.

When you purchase the right type of Airplane Tugs, it can make a world of a difference between smooth operation in the hangar and something of a nightmare. The last thing you want is to find it extremely difficult to move your aircraft in and out of the hangar. If you are concerned about your budget but at the same time want to purchase a motor-powered tug, you can go for gasoline or electric-run versions. In this category, you can find tugs that can also be used for moving some heavier airplanes, without making a hole in your pocket.

If you can answer the questions given here, it would become easier to find the right Airplane Tug. The first thing is the amount of money that you are ready to spend. The second question is the number of planes that you want to move. Next, is the weight of your plane or planes, if you have several aircrafts. The next thing to consider is whether you have a tail wheel or nose wheel plane.

The next point to be considered when choosing the right Airplane Tugs is to determine if you need a tug that would lift the nose wheel off the pavement or the one that would keep it on the pavement. The choice of a battery or gasoline powered tug is the last but not the least factor that would help make the right choice.