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Best Price Of Motorcycle Injection Honda Pgm-fi

Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda To allow applications for small motorcycles, FI system should be simplified and fall away from the conventional size. Team development of a variety of functions packaged into a compact yet simple system that can be installed in place of a conventional carburetor with throttle body modularizing, various sensors, and engine control unit (ECU) into an integral unit for Injection Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Prices. Integrate objectives and modularizing the throttle body and ECU.

In a conventional motorcycle FI systems, the ECU fitted to the vehicle body. Also, various sensors for detecting control information located at various places in the body of the machine or vehicle as an independent component. Therefore, many wire harness required to connect the various sensors the ECU. As a result, conventional systems are complex, and difficult to apply to a small motorcycle engine has 50cc-125cc single cylinder. In an attempt to practically implement the compact PGM-FI in the carburetor, throttle body, which controls the volume of air intake, and ECU module, which controls the engine operating conditions, have been integrated into one unit. With the wire harness is removed, the size of the modules has been reduced with the same size as the carburetor.

Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda in Line system Newly developed compact PGM-FI system has a two-split configuration consisting of the throttle body and ECU module. This configuration allows for the replacement of the throttle body has a bore size suitable for a specific engine displacement, thus realizing the FI system is applicable to a variety of models with a high degree of freedom applications. Throttle body and ECU module incorporates various sensors connected with 4 bolts. Idle air channels grooved on the mating surface, and by sealing with O-rings, idle air channel is formed, thus contributing to the integration and down-sizing. Unit ECU module consists of a plastic box (device body), the ECU board, and cover. Various sensors are placed in the body of the device, and the board of the ECU is connected directly to the input and output terminals of the sensor. Applying the cover from the top, the pot is packed with a resin to secure the internal parts and to prevent the ingress of water - Injection Irit Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Prices. ECU board. ECU board used in the PGM-FI system for small motorcycles are specifically designed for single cylinder engines. Size is reduced by providing injector driver circuit and the ignition circuit for a single cylinder, which allows installation on the side of the throttle body. CPU used for the controller is a 16bit CPU. Large parts such as power supply condenser located in the space between the various sensors in the device body, contributing to reduce the overall width to the same level as the conventional carburetor. ECU board is a 4-layer structure to reduce the surface area for various circuits. In addition, the use of connectors, which require large amounts of space in a conventional ECU, has been down-sized approximately 1 / 2 of the conventional with the use of field terminals to 2.6mm 32-pin design. Reduction of the terminals to the field become possible by using adhesive gel sheet to cover the connectors from the water. To allow the application of additional functions such as the immobilizer, the number of pins are set at 32. PFM-FI System. PGM-FI system for small motorcycles controls the fuel injection volume, injection and ignition time based on signals from the throttle position sensor (TPS) in ECU module, vacuum manifold (Pb) sensors, and the crank position sensor that detects the rotation angle. Fuel injection volume, injection and ignition time further compensated with engine temperature, air temperature and atmospheric pressure to ensure optimal control in a variety of environmental conditions. Fuel Injection Control.

To control the volume of fuel injection, two types of maps stored in the ECU and map have been selected and used depending on throttle opening and engine revolutions. When the load is low, subtle changes in throttle opening detected by the manifold vacuum, and vacuum manifold map is determined by the vacuum manifold and the engine revolution is used. When a high load, throttle map is determined by the throttle opening and engine revolutions are used. Control of Ignition Time. For ignition timing, map control is determined by the throttle opening and engine revolutions executed to control the ignition timing at the optimum time. O2 feedback control. To efficiently use a 3-way catalyst in the exhaust, the feedback system uses an O2 sensor is applied to control the mixture near the stoichiometric ratio.

Control of the air control device. Idle air control valves regulate the air intake volume depending on operating conditions such as start, warming up and idling. When starting, the air intake opening is equipped with idle air control valve depending on the temperature of the engine to start easily. The opening of the air control valve is set depending on the increase in engine temperature to control the volume of intake air at optimum levels. Once the engine reaches the specified temperature, the volume of incoming air is controlled to maintain idling at a constant speed by revolution-feedback control. This eliminates the conventional feedback control idle speed adjustment is necessary, thus eliminating the need for maintenance to compensate for distortion secular for Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda.