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2013 Audi Rs4 Avant

One of the most popular Audi Sport models of the last decade is presented in the new decade started now in its third version. The new2013 Audi RS 4 Avantoffers all day comfort combined with sporty 450 hp from the 4.2-liter eight-cylinder FSI. Launch Control, all-wheel and seven-speed S-Tronic gearbox can accomplish the new RS4 comfortable high performance, while in the trunk of luggage or shopping weekend will find relaxed place.

2013 audi rs4 avant 2013 audi rs4 avant

Longer, wider and deeper. The viewer should be aware of the latestAudi A4 Avantat second glance as "unusual." 2 inches longer and deeper, and slightly over 2 inches wide - somehow, the high-revving, 4.2-liter V8-suckers are so housed. The well-known powerhouse has undergone an overhaul and now throws at 8,250 rpm 331 kW/450 hp to a whopping quattro all-wheel drive. In other words, the power is distributed according to the (emergency) situation, the dynamic of a 40:60 distribution of normal, up to 70% on the front axle, or a maximum of 85% on the rear axle. The torque of 430 Nm is available at 4000 to 6000 revolutions in the plateau.

2013 audi rs4 avant

Likes the consumption of an eight-day station wagon but be rather unimportant, so Audi has the fuel-thirsty, in spite of the performance can decrease. So shall thenew Audi RS4 Avantcan get by with less than 11 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Approved to be a little bit more free-wheeling, for example, on the highway, then the resulting excess speed are also metabolized quickly. For this purpose, Audi built a braking system in "Wave Design" with 365 millimeter discs on the front, which, in profile, not around the edge, but are wavy and less stress, and to provide better heat dissipation. In addition,Audialone saves up 3 kilograms, unsprung mass. For an extra charge gives the driver a very sporty carbon fiber ceramic brakes in size from 380 millimeters (front).

2013 audi rs4 avant

The interior is kept mostlyblack, offset with chrome, aluminum or carbon applications. In addition, the headliners are built on demand in silver moon. The heated sports seats are there in black nappa leather with Alcantara or optional other elements in various lunar silver or leather packages. From a base price of 76,600 in Germany will be delivered in autumn 2012 the firstAudi RS 4 Avant. Interested parties can take a first look at the soon already starting Geneva Motor Show on the newcomer.