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Use Of Theta Waves And Isochronic Tones To Achieve Brainwave Entrainment

In order to bring about brainwave entrainment there is the possibility to use isochronic tones. These sounds could be used either with headphones or without them. Usually, the career used to provide these sounds to be brain is music. Normally, these sounds are produced through software. When it comes to theta waves, this happens the other way around. Instead of choosing sounds and mixing with music you find music or even natural sounds and synchronize it to a theta wave setting. These waves are also very effective in bringing about brainwave entrainment in a similar manner the other two types of sound waves do.

In the same way isochronic tones are used theta waves also could be used for brainwave entrainment without the use of headphones. But still, it is good to use headphones to bring about the effect in order to prevent the listener from hearing outside sounds. External sounds other than the sounds from music provided through headphones will disturb the listening of music provided and will also disturb the brain entrainment process. In case you need to provide the same effect without headphones it is necessary for you to use a special place where no outside noises and sounds will disturb the listener.

In case of both isochronic tones as well as binaural beats are fed along with music by adding these sounds as an extra layer on the music. But when it comes to theta waves it is different. Instead of adding extra layer of sounds into the music the music itself is synchronized to produce the waves that are able to bring about the necessary effect to cause brainwave entrainment. This is done with the use of software that is able to convert sound that is there in the music into the sounds of the right wave length.

Isochronic tones are produced with the synchronizing of a repeated pulse with the music. Theta waves also are produced in a similar manner. But it is produced by repetition of music that is able to bring about brainwave entrainment. This makes the listener more comfortable with the sounds as he only has to listen to music to bring about the effect of brainwave entrainment. Therefore, use of theta waves for brainwave entrainment is a better method than using the other two types of waves. However, the end result brought about by all three methods is the same.   

Whatever the method you use for bringing about brainwave entrainment it is an excellent method to calm down the mind of a person who has become restless due to stress. Stress relief is normally brought about through meditation. However, meditation needs tedious preparations and dedication to start with. Also, it takes a long time to bring about the desired results. Brainwave synchronization instead could bring about similar results and it takes only shorter time duration. There is no effort to be made except listening to music with due concentration. Therefore, it is worth giving a try and enjoy the way it brings relief from stress.

Both isochronic tones and theta waves could be used to cause brainwave entrainment. Both these methods could be used without the help of head phones.