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Top Five Indie News Sources That You Should Keep Visiting To Stay Updated

Starting an indie band for the sake of creating music only and having long-term plans with a music band are two strikingly different things. You can always start a garage band and get accolades from your family members and friends. But to take your musical endeavours to the next level, you need to stay abreast of the indie news and updates. This is because if you do not have any idea about how well the industry or the genre itself is faring and what the music buffs are currently listening to, you cannot make an impression in the long run. You should at least think in a nationwide scale if not globally. Keep in mind that the main genre of independent or alternative music has already reached its saturation with new subgenres coming in the limelight almost every day. There are many indie rock bands that are creating almost same music like you and there’s no point reinventing the wheel. The top five news sources where you can find industry updates are:

Social media: You cannot name a single famed band that does not have a web presence. These days, bands are all connecting with their followers and well-wishers through social media and the social sites collectively are regarded as the best indie news source of the present time. This is because you can get new album or upcoming concert updates almost in real time. The other benefit of using social media is that you can get your own fan following.

Band networks: Musicians are no more rivals to each other in this technology blessed time and age. This is because everybody knows the power of networking and that the media is always alert to make a mountain of a molehill. If you want to avoid controversy and want collaborative and symbiotic growth, you join the established networks of indie rock bands. This way, you can listen to the pulse of the industry and the audience, more importantly.

Magazines (web-based and paperback): Rolling Stone was a pioneer in this regard. The magazine is still hugely popular among headbangers across the world. The immeasurable popularity of the rock music magazine inspired many others to come up with similar indie news magazines. These magazines are great for getting regular updates about bands worldwide.

Pubs and clubs: If you are not listening to good music and do not know the names of your local bands, you should keep your expectations low about other people listening you too. Make it a habit to hit the pubs and night clubs at least once in a week, no not for boozing only, but to listen to really good music. You may find a chance to listen to some exceptionally talented indie rock bands that you thought never existed.

Concerts: Concert venues may not seem perfect places to collect indie news. But if you are aiming to become a famed and loved musician, you should not think like an average rock music aficionado. Instead, you should use this space for getting news updates and for networking.

To become on among the best indie rock bands, you should choose a musician network first to join.

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