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Teen Fiction Series

Have you ever wondered why reading is so important? Many teens find reading boring and abandon books, gravitating instead toward social media websites and streaming of online videos. But a great teen fiction series can capture the imagination of reading in ways video and gaming cannot. The best teen fiction books are those that capture the readers’ interest on the first paragraph and keep them turning pages until the end.

The advantages of an entertaining teen fiction series is that they introduce the reader to another world and fascinating characters caught up in adventure, mystery and romance. But the best teen fiction still offers life lessons to its readers. In “Dead Man’s Hand”, the first book in the Caden Chronicles series, award-winning author presents readers with a series of questions for reader regarding the supernatural. Throughout the book readers struggle to understand the importance of their actions and how all choices have consequences – some with eternal ramifications.

Children books are often considered “safe” reads, stories that do not scare children or to push their heads under the covers. But the best teen fiction challenges young adults to explore their boundaries and broaden the landscape of their world. In “Dead Man’s Hand,” Jones explores paranormal activities and the myths surrounding vampirism, werewolves and zombies.

This teen fiction series is definitely meant to stimulate creative reading and help young adults enrich their vocabulary. Young adult fiction is at the heart of language acquisition for teens, which makes reading a major factor in determining long-term academic and business success. Simply put: reading stimulates creativity. Books trigger words, and children need to hear lots and lots of words to develop their brains. Just fifteen minutes of reading every day exposes a child to a million words a year. A great teen fiction series has the ability to turn a reluctant reader into a leader.

In order to get a boy to read, it is necessary to buy a boy a book that is for boys, with challenges and heroes, with goals and consequences and more. The best teen fiction oriented for boys have action and confrontation, a touch or romance, sacrifice and a moral choice for the hero. Selecting a teen fiction series is relatively easy since most books are reviewed online by readers and “stared.”

In “Dead Man’s Hand” award-winning author Eddie Jones takes teen fiction series readers to the Wild Wild West in a new supernatural young adult teen mystery. “Dead Man’s Hand” is first book in the Caden Chronicles series and follows the adventures of super sleuth Nick Caden as he investigates zombie and vampire sightings, paranormal activities and supernatural occurrences. Jones focused on teen fiction and boys especially because he is aware of the importance of books and wants to help parents get their child reading more. It is not an impossible mission, but it takes finding the best teen fiction books - ones that stimulate the imagination of teens.

If you are looking for teen fiction written by an awarded author, consider “Dead Man’s Hand.” The novel is appropriate for ages 9 and above and is the first book in the Caden Chronicles series. Jones is the winner of the Selah Award in young adult fiction and 2012 Moonbeam Award in the Pre-Teen Fiction/Fantasy category.

If you are interested in discovering the best teen fiction book, you need to start at some point. There are definitely many teen fiction series to consider and the one presented is worth reading.