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Importance Of Maintaining Dutch Culture

Culture is what defines the practices of a society, their beliefs and values and what they consider as norms. Culture is very important since it shows the roots of society and the aspects of shared history that maintains very important ties. Dutch culture is very important to maintain for various reasons. With current ‘contemporary madness’ it can be quite easy to lose the important culture values that keep society together. Although one should not be rigid to change, change should be incorporated into the culture to make it better but not obsolete. This should be a main focus when introducing any new changes to the Dutch culture.

It is important to maintain Dutch culture firstly for the young Dutch generation who need to be in touch with their roots. If current generations do not maintain the culture that has been passed on from their forefathers, future generations will have no values and beliefs to hold on to. Values and beliefs are very essential for human existence. Dutch culture is what gives the current generation a sense of belonging and this is why it is very important to hold on to culture.

Dutch culture is usually expressed in various ways. Culture can be seen through Dutch architecture, Dutch arts events and other cultural practices. These aspects of culture attract a lot of tourist attention to the country. Therefore it is important to maintain Dutch culture to attract more foreigners to learn about it which is a very prestigious opportunity for the natives. These tourists who want to learn about Dutch culture can also bring revenue to the country through touring various cultural sights and scenes. By maintaining Dutch culture, Dutch artists can also make a living of works of art that portray the rich culture.

Dutch artists are very talented in showcasing their culture through various forms of expression. By maintaining pride in their culture, these artists can cross borders with their arts and access markets all over the world. Pride in who you are and where you come from will earn you respect from others. This is the same motto that the Dutch artists should maintain in order to be able to reach out to nations all over the world with the Dutch culture. Using talent and knowledge of original Dutch culture, these Dutch artists have come up with brilliant pieces of art that truly portray what the Dutch are all about.

There are various avenues through which Dutch arsis can get to showcase their world. Technology has allowed communication over vast areas through the internet. Dutch artists can get to showcase their culture and art through the internet which is accessed by millions of users on a daily basis.

Dutch arts events are also a great way through which artists can introduce their talents and culture to the public and foreigners alike. These arts events are usually held to allow for different kinds of art to be shown to the public and they also make very good tourist attractions.