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How To Promote Your Indie Band To Get The Right Exposure

If you are a manager of an indie band, expect that people would be demanding much more than just good music. They want a philosophy in your lyrics, stage performance and your public appearance that they can associate with. Therefore, you have to go a long way than just creating music in the comfy of an air-conditioned studio or touring around the country guided by event managers. Admit that the indie rock space is already overcrowded and people will simply trash your music if they find a better and grungier screamer out there. Lots of things need to be done in order to push your band up the hotlists. Here below are some exposure strategies that have been adopted by best indie bands.

Be professional: No matter how whole-heartedly you create your music or how deeply philosophical your lyrics are, you are not on the map until you start managing things professionally. In the end, professionalism and consistency do actually matter. In order to become an indie band that is a known name in the crowd, you need a website first. Offer coffee mugs, tees and other freebies with your bandís logo or name on it. Be as much innovative as you can when it comes to furnishing band member bios and other details on your official website and elsewhere.

Know your musical identity: NY Times published an excellent report two years back that criticized the underground culture of putting more stress on creating subgenres than creating really good music. The report expressed a doubt that many indie bands might be lost in oblivion as they cannot make any real impression in the public mind and are themselves responsible for getting pigeonholed. Best indie bands have always clarified their musical identity from the first day of appearing in the public sphere and have consistently adhered to the philosophy and form of their music. Being different is a real challenge.

Use social media effectively: There is no better platform than social media to connect with fans. If you are an indie band, create your fan page on Facebook, be a regular on Twitter and use MySpace wisely. If you do not have the time for social media and you think that your creative self will be overshadowed by your marketing efforts, hire a social media manager who can act as your bandís spokesperson on these social media sites. Joining peer groups and forums would open new opportunities.

Ask for feedbacks: Fans like it most when their favourite singer screams on stage at them, interacts with them and ask for their feedbacks. This is what best indie bands do. They are apparently approachable by their fans, are very open and very sociable. Just touching the hands of the frenzied fans, asking for their feedbacks and taking inputs from them are all effective public relation strategies.

Do not give up: Even if fans reject you and your indie band, do not give up. The same thing has happened with many of the world-famous musicians. Fans have disparaged their music and their ideology in the beginning only to go crazy for them with the passage of time. Perseverance is a crucial survival strategy here in this alternative music space.†††

Best indie bands have made it clear from the very first day that they are here to stay. If you want to make indelible imprints too, be very sure that your band is managed the right way.†††

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