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Fire Staff And Glow Poi For Fire Dancing

Fire dancing is a very nice activity that is ideal for both men and women. It is a special type of dance wherein the performer has to manipulate equipment whichis on fire. The various types of equipment used are numerous. The most common ones are the poi, club, and fire staff.

If a person wants to learn fire dancing, what equipment should he being with? Performers are usually recommended to practice with the materials they find easy to manipulate. After all, the skills of performers are diverse. Some excel in using poi, while some excel in using clubs. However, for those who really do not have any idea what to begin with, the fire staff is recommended.

Fire staffs come in various lengths. Performers have the choice to use short staffs. However, people usually manipulate two or more rods, since watching a performer manipulate one short staff can be very boring. Beginners can start with a long fire staff. This will be easier to manipulate, since the performers can put all of their focus into handling it. Once they have improved their skills in handling a single stick, they can start using additional ones. It takes months, or even years for a person to master fire dancing.

Dancing with objects which are on fire is very hazardous. That is why beginner should train under the supervision of professionals. The problem of fire’s danger has been solved with the invention of glowing fire dancing equipment. With this equipment, any person can do fire dancing without having to play with actual fire.

One of the most popular types of glowing equipment is the glow poi. Mastering the poi can be very tricky. Of all the fire dancing equipment, poi is the most difficult to learn. However, if mastered, any person can amaze crowds.

The question that is usually asked is this: Is the glow poi any better than the actual fiery poi? The answer is debatable. After all, each type has advantages and disadvantages. Fiery poi presentation offers more suspense to the audience, as a simple mistake can cause the performer to get hurt or burnt. Aside from that, the fiery effect is very cool, especially in the dark. Also, fire poi can still be enjoyed in daytime, unlike the glowing poi.

On the other hand, glow poi offers an advantage, and that is safety. Glow poi is also available in various colors. Performers who use glowing equipment usually present very colorful shows. Glowing equipment for fire dancing are powered by battery cells. This means people do not need to use kerosene. After all, kerosene is bad for the skin. In the end, the performers still have the final choice whether they will use fiery equipment or the glowing type instead.

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