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Evanescence Concert Scared Lonely But Ready Surprise Jakarta, Indonesia

style="background-color: white; font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;">For Evanescence This is the first time they came and held a concert in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Sense of security concerns are also of concern to them. This makes the old American band from Arkansas to approve a proposal from Showmaxx Entertainment."The process of convincing them that Indonesia is safe for their concert, we give the list a lot of successful concerts that have been running to them, they finally agreed," he explained.In addition to fears of security issues, Amy Lee and his friends are also afraid of the concert will be quiet and not much to watch.Reasonable for them, because this is their first concert in Indonesia and also return them after the old vacuum.

"They do not want a lot of money, they just want the concert not empty and they want to prove that they still exist," he said at the press conference in Rolling Stone Evanescence Cafe, Ampera Raya, South Jakarta, Wednesday (4 / 12).Even so, Sherwin Djadjadi as Director of Entertainment Showmaxx feel grateful with Indonesia chosen as the cover of this concert series."We are grateful to Indonesia was chosen by them as a closing tour of Asia, they arrived in Indonesia on 24 in Jakarta," he said.behind it allEvanescence Ready Surprise Jakarta
Effort to bring the promoter Showmaxx American rock band Evanescence to Jakarta eventually succeed. The plan, they played in Jakarta on 25 February.American rock band fronted Amy Lee (vocals, piano), Terry Balsamo (lead guitar), Troy McLawhom (rhythm guitar), Tim McCrod (bass), and Will Hunt (drums) is finally coming to Indonesia. Evanescence newly released third album, "Evanescence", last October it will skill performance on Saturday, February 25, 2012, in Hall A JIEXPO Kemayoran.Of course this is good news for all fans of Evanescence and rock music on umumnya.Pasalnya, for 15 years the band was formed, they are not willing to accept orders gig in Asia. Only Japan is included in the list of international concert tour mereka.Rencana appearance of this band would also create a happy party promoter, Showmaxx Entertainment.Their struggle to woo Amy and his group finally produced results."We assured them that Indonesia is safe to show evidence in 2011, there were 56 international artists successful concert was held," said Director of Sherwin Djajadi Showmaxx Entertainment in a press conference on Wednesday (4 / 1) then.
I wonder what surprises will be presented in the inaugural concert of the famous band with the song Bring Me to Life and My Immortal this? "Indonesia so the country closing their Asian tour, so we wanted something special. Evanescence plans to bring an extra seven songs from the standard 15 lagu.Durasi standard 90-minute concert, but it'll be about two hours and 15 minutes because Amy will also be lots of interacting with the audience, "said Sherwin.Regarding the reasons for the selection of JIEXPO Kemayoran as the location of the concert, Sherwin said it was the desire on the part of Evanescence. "We have proposed layout Istora, but was rejected. They want an indoor venue and all standing (standing all), "said promoter who managed to bring Incubus and Paramore this year. Total tickets to be sold about 7,000 pieces, with the VIP category, festivals and festivals B. ATicket sales will be opened in two waves: presale and public sale. Special presale opened only one day, ie Sunday, January 8, in the atrium mall FX, Senayan, starting at 09.00. A total of 3000 tickets will be released on presale sales are cash only accept these payment methods. Ticket presale price of the festival A B Rp300.000 Rp500.000 and festivals. While the normal price of the VIP class Rp1, 2 million, festivals and festivals Rp700.000 A B Rp500.000. Normal sales will be opened January 9 through the site of King-ticket and the ticket box Showmaxx partners.Solid Concert Schedule


Besides Evanescence, Indonesia especially Jakarta concert schedule will be compacted with international musicians. In January alone, a row of stars will adorn the weekly concert of music in concert Indonesia.Mulai Coldplay, Katy Perry to old musician Rod Stewart. For Katy Perry concerts, performances will be held January 19 at Sentul Bogor is the most awaited music lovers.

All tickets already sold out of all categories. Talented singer who won some award, toured the world premiere musical begins in Indonesia, then proceed to the Philippines. Sebeum finally concerts in America alone