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Custom Book Scanning

Would you be interested in a service that could really help you out during mid-terms or finals? Are you a student who tries to work and to be able to keep up with your colleagues and with everything that goes on at college? If yes is your answer, then maybe it is time you check out! The website offers fully customizable ebook conversion services that will undoubtedly help you convert your books to searchable ebooks readable on most any device! belongs to Custom Book Scanning, an amazing company which has the aim to provide excellent ebook conversion services, as well as book scanning services. Having an amazing staff composed of professional and highly trained people who are very passionate about their work, as well as friendly, this company argues strongly in favour of digitizing books for better accessibility to your collection and to cut down on clutter. Their highest priority is to offer high quality services to all their clients and strive to go above and beyond to please them, the company aims to achieve a high level of excellence and competence.

Believing that information should be portable and accessible, Custom Book Scanning is truly  helpful especially for those who are extremely busy and do not have the necessary time to scan entire books, for those who have inspiration and excellent writing skills and want to transform their manuscripts into a best seller, for those who are sick and tired of carrying heavy textbooks back and forth, and professionals who are looking to digitize their personal collection or perhaps archived business documents.   

There are two main ways in which one can get books or documents scanned. There is the “destructive scanning” which is the fastest and most affordable, having the following advantages: fast processing time, better OCR results and affordability. The second method is called the “non-destructive scanning” which takes a bit longer to process (due to the fact that each and every page is individually photographed) but it is kept in its received condition. What is more, if you choose this second method, you will receive free return shipping.

While other companies only save pages as image and running OCR technology over it rather than importing images and characters into a document which will be formatted into an e-book. This may be considered satisfactory for a PDF copy, yet if you want to view it in your e-reader, then you might find it difficult to load the book or turn its pages without lagging. Custom Book Scanning, on the other hand, will offer you high quality book scanning services that allow for reflowable text and minimum file sizes.

Would you like to benefit from excellent book scanning services or to get help when it comes to digitising a book or some important documents? Then why don’t you simply go to This website is definitely going to appeal to you, due to the fact that it belongs to a highly spoken of company that deals with ebook conversion services.