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Bangladeshi Khanki Magir Voda

Get bangladeshi khanki magir voda : Bangladeshi khanki magir voda is now most popular topic for young boys of Bangladesh. The people of bangladesh lives with simplicity. They likes to make friends, help to people, collect Bangladeshi khanki magir voda, likes to share Bangladeshi khanki magir voda with friends. Generally bangladeshi girls got married when they are elder then 18 years and for boys the age should be 21 as per Bangladesh government rules. But most of the villagers don't follow then rule. So their girls got married when they are teenager. But the boys are different, they got married after 21 years or later.








Bangladeshi peoples likes to talk with friends, but they likes to stay with girl friends. On holiday's they likes to go outside like cinema hall, shopping complex, sight seeing by richshaw and passing their time on boat. Sometimes the boy friends are requested the girl to show the their voda, Some voda is really exclusive to see, some are exclusive to touch.






But most of the time the boyfriends wants to take a photo of the voda. They requested the girls to expose the khanki types voda clearly so that they can take a close shot of the voda. But some voda is not fresh, some voda looks like "khanki magir voda". You can search of this topic on Google and will find that some voda is really bad.




Now-a-days every girls and boys must have lover. But every love can't reach to marriage. Most of time the boyfriends likes to share their feelings of ex-girlfrined. So that they publish their relationships photos on facebook and they likes to post their ex-girlfriend as a khanki and they post those photos as Bangladeshi khanki magir voda.




Bangladesh government to taking some great steps to stop this. Many NGO are working to stop the early marriage. The vilaggers are realizing the situation and they are trying to follow government rules but it will take times to get the goal.


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