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2013 Oscar Awards Live | 85th Academy Awards

Oscar 2013 get closer this year again. Many movie lovers in excitement. The awards will not be handed out at the Kodak theater anymore. Academy decided a new place that will be Dolby Theatre. On Feb, 24 2013 ,Oscar awards will be held at the Dolby theatre  in the Hollywood.

 Last year, viewers who watch Oscar 2012 cerenomy, was lucky. They watch red carpet , cerenomy of Academy awards and saw many actress /actors. Also they heard  “ and Oscar goes to “ many times.

85th Academy Awards nominees will be announced on January 10. A full two weeks earlier than the 2012 nominations, and before the 2013 Golden Globes ceremony takes place. The Golden Globes are set to take place on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013, when the Oscar nominees will already be known.

How can you watch Oscar 2013 live online?

There are 3 simple ways watching the 2013 Oscar awards. Now explain it to you briefly.

1 - Of course, most lucky viewers live in United States of America. They can watch oscar 2013 on ABC. But, if you are going to work or travel, you evaluate the third option.

2 - Approximately 1.5 billion people all over the world will follow the 85th Academy award ceremony on February 24. It will release some countries TV channels. If you say this option does not suit me. Please try the third way.

3 - The most simple and easy way of watching Oscar 2013 is watching over the internet. Wherever you are in the world, at home, at work, at school or traveling. The 3 things you must have a computer, the Internet and

Our publication will take about 8 hours Which will begin with a red carpet on Sunday 24 February 2013.You can see all your favorite stars and their dress on the red carpet. Also you will watch Oscar 2013 ceremony.

Please do not date anyone on Sunday 24 February 2013 and watch oscar 2013 live.