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It & Dc-a Free Classified Ad Portal

Newspapers, since the origin have been providing its readers with ads of various types. Gradually they have been classified upon certain parameters. However with the advent of new media in our lives i.e. the internet we now have online websites and web portals which help us post and avail service of classified ads from around the globe. Not everyone is in a position to avail new first hand material everyday and this is where such sites come into play and fulfill the void. IT & DC is such a website which provides consumers to post classified ads and also avail the services of classified ads posted in their sites.

Why to use

The site is free and consumers and users can post their ads in Delhi or post free classified ads in India here and also register themselves. The products and ads are all segregated into different parameters and divided accordingly and hence it should not be a problem for first time users to understand the site. Users can post various types of ads depending upon the parameters they choose and they can choose accordingly.


The various benefits which the consumer can avail of are numerous, primary of which is that the site features classified ads and clients can post free classified ads in India or in Delhi. Since classified ads are of two types i.e. free and paid classifieds and this site caters exclusively to the later concept itís obviously much more popular. However itís secondary or other advantages can be enlisted as follows:

Firstly, it helps in re using and recycling unused products posted in the classified ad segments which makes the site eco friendly and makes it a well wisher of the environment which is quite a major advantage and also a good aspect of the site.

Then, not only individuals but companies and service can also post their ads in this site. They do it under the feature classified ad segment to promote their services and products in a hassle free easy manner without much constrain on their budget.

Though the earning and spending capacity of the nation has increased however many people still prefer to buy things second hand and sometimes itís the only way to buy a thing too and that is where comes into play. Daily items can also be procured and so can be items of special use and value which may not always be available in the retail market. Further more it reduces the cost of a product by eliminating the middle man and making the product affordable.

For example a consumer living in Delhi wants products he or she can avail within his city then he would check classified in delhi and this feature of searching in a city wide way gives better advantage and enables the consumer to reduce or expand his or her search horizon accordingly and avail services of the ads.