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All About silverlight development

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Popular Advantages Of Silverlight Development
Silverlight is offering of Microsoft and competitor to Flash for running rich text applications. Here are some of the major advantages offered by the platform.
Posted by John Monatta at 9 years ago

The Present State Of Silverlight Development And Its Future: Is It Going To Die?
Silverlight has been Microsoft’s go to solution for web development and its product family supports the cause. But with HTML 5 coming up, is it the end?
Posted by John Monatta at 9 years ago

The Demand For Silverlight Development And The Advantages
Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash has got many rich internet applications but the popularity of Flash had overshadowed it considerably. Nowadays, Silverlight is trying to regain lost ground.
Posted by John Monatta at 9 years ago

What Makes Rich Internet Applications Click?
Rich internet applications are web applications which function seamlessly like desktop applications without screen lags. RIAs have been instrumental in making the web pages interesting and interactive at the same time.
Posted by John Monatta at 9 years ago

Rich Internet Applications And Their Role In Web Development
Rich internet applications have made the internet extremely responsive and attractive to visitors. No wonder that they are in constant demand by clients worldwide!
Posted by John Monatta at 9 years ago

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