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Yahoo And Spam

Yahoo! actively edits spam out of their search results. If someone you are competing with is not complying with Yahoo!’s guidelines you may want to point that out to Yahoo!. There is a chance that Yahoo! will remove your competitor’s site if they deem it as spam.

Since it is easy to get delisted via a manual review it is suggested that you not use overly aggressive spammy techniques to achieve top Yahoo! placement. Also, do not submit your site to their paid inclusion program if it does not have original and unique content or your site may be rejected and removed from their search index.

If your site gets deindexed from Yahoo! and you think it was due to spam then clean up the spammy stuff and submit your site to the Overture Site Match program. Submitting your site will get it reviewed and recrawled by Yahoo! Slurp if the editors see your site has been fixed.

If your page was removed and you can not afford Overture Site Match read the Yahoo! spam guidelines and request a site review at

Additionally Yahoo! has a search help page which may help answer some of your questions about their search technology here.

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