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What to avoid in SEO

In recent years a number of illicit techniques have grown up to artificially manipulate aweb site’s ranking. These techniques are referred to as spamming or sometimes “Black hat” techniques. The “black hat” description refers to the fact that in the old western movies the bad guys always wore black hats. The core of any spamming technique is the attempt to deceive the search engine, and ultimately the site visitor, about the true nature of a web site’s content.

The question is whether spamming techniques actually deliver any long term benefit. In addition, it is known that using proscribed spamming techniques can get the spammer, their client sites and organisations delisted by the major search engines. It has happened publicly in the past and the search engines particularly Google place great emphasis on their warnings. Google even has a page for reporting spamming offenders.

A list of nine types of illicit SEO or spamming techniques.

  1. Keyword Stuffing
  2. Cloaking
  3. Doorway Sites
  4. Throwaway sites
  5. Mirror Sites
  6. Hidden Text
  7. Tiny Text
  8. Link Spamming
  9. Comment Spam
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