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Whatís bad about PPC?

Whatís bad about PPC?

  • You pay. You have to pay for every click, which can add up to a great deal of money
  • Itís getting pricier. Sticker shock is likely to get worse over the next year or two. Most people still donít even know what PPC is; wait and see what happens to pricing when PPC is as well known as other forms of advertising.
  • Itís a crapshoot. PPC doesnít always work, itís not possible for every company to buy clicks at a price that is low enough to be profitable.
  • Itís not organic. Many people prefer the free, natural search results ó from 30 percent to 70 percent of all searchers (according to some research), depending on the search engine and type of search ó so youíre missing part of the market if you focus on PPC alone.
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