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What is Yahoo! Search?

The Yahoo! Directory and Yahoo! Search are two entirely separate things. The directory is a manually reviewed collection of websites. Yahoo! Search is powered through various search technologies purchased by Yahoo!. Yahoo! Search probably serves over 100 million searches each day. The directory would likely be lucky to serve more than a few million searches a day.

Yahoo! Search is powered through the combination of different pieces of what was once AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and Inktomi. As they launched the new Yahoo! Search product they rewrote the Inktomi core to make it easier to update and improve its relevancy on longer search queries. Yahoo! Search also is leveraging the power of spam filters which are refined by Yahoo! email processing.

The Yahoo! Search index is also used by AltaVista and AllTheWeb and other search properties that were recently powered by any of these indexes. Each of the engine websites may still use their own algorithm to organize search results from the common search index.

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